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Can I Get My Holding Deposit Back? (NSW Rental)

Hi Everyone Last week i placed a holding deposit (1 weeks rent) on a rental property. Movers have been booked and was given a date to sign the lease. Realestate called today advising that tenants …

Converting Kindle Books to PDF

Hi OzB Community I have purchased a Kindle Ebook, thinking that i could view it in a PDF reader. Does anyone know how to successfully convert .azw files to PDF? From the research I've done it …

Found AirPods - How Do I Find The Owner?

Hi Everyone I found an AirPod case with one earphone in there. I’m assuming it dropped out of someone’s pocket as they were walking. What is the best way to find the owner?

Which Phone Is Better - Samsung A20 or Oppo AX7?

Hi guys, I have both of the above mentioned phones. Which one would you consider to be the better handset of the two?


Telstra Coverage Issues - Mobile LTE

Hi OzB Community Is anyone experiencing issues with Telstra reception around Lane Cove / Chatswood area today? I've got 2 services stuck on 1 bar of reception today.

eBay Australia

Unlimited Google Drive Storage - eBay

This came up in another forum thread, but is this too good to be true? Unlimited Google Drive storage for <$5 What are the cons?

Friend Brake Checked A Car and Was Rear Ended - Who is at Fault?

Hi All I've always laughed when I have seen these posted but first time knowing someone that's been involved in one. A colleague at work brake checked a van in peak hour traffic and ended …

Not for Profit Business Name Registration

Hi Everyone Just wondering if there is anyone that has had experience with registering a business name for a NFP? For those that have, do you know if an NFP is exempt from the fees associated with …

Easy to Remember Mobile Numbers

Hi Guys Not bargain or deal related but more curious to hear other view points on this. I’ve had a number for 7 years and made the mistake of allowing work to use it as a business contact number …

Considering Moving to Eagle Vale NSW - Thoughts?

Hi OzB community. Is there anyone on here that lives in or around Eagle Vale? Currently looking to move into the area with the family, but wanted to get some “insider knowledge” on the …

Was Rear Ended in Traffic This Morning. What Do I Do Next?

Hi All Driving between sites for work today and was stationary at a set of lights, heading in an uphill direction. Kia Carnival ran up the back of my ute's steel tray. Minimal damage to both …

Boost Mobile

Porting from Kogan to Boost - Looking for Advice

Hi Everyone I came across the $300 boost deal discounted to $240 and ended up getting one. It's been a few years since porting last, so is there anything I should be mindful of?

Kogan Mobile

Kogan 365 Recharges Price Increase

Just wondering, has anyone noticed that Kogan increased the price on their 365 day recharges? I was about to purchase the XL for $315 and noticed its now sitting at $334. For $1 extra, i can sign up …

Where Should I Mount 7” Android Tablet in My Hilux

I have a Toyota hilux 2009 model and a Lenovo 7” tablet that I’m thinking to mount in the dash. Just wondering where the best place to mount it would be? Here is a pic of the …

iPhone 6S Plus Screen Replacement (Sydney)

Hi OzB Family I woke up this morning to find my iPhone 6S Plus screen shattered from near the home button. It's only a spare so nothing too detrimental but wanted to reach out… Does …

Gaming Laptop - Mainly for Minecraft

Hi Everyone Our companies GM wants to get a gaming laptop for his son (mainly for Minecraft…) Can anyone provide a recommendation please? I've been out of the gaming world for way too long …

Kogan Mobile

Kogan Mobile 90 Day Deals for $14.90

Hi Is anyone aware of any deals going for 90 day kogan plans at the moment for $14.90?

Deals for Sydney Aquarium or Taronga Zoo

Hi Everyone Trying to plan a couple of day trips with 2x 3yo kids and 2x 2yo kids Was thinking to take them to either the zoo or aquarium in Sydney. Is anyone aware of any deals going at the moment …

Looking for Cheap Car Hire in Perth

Hi Guys I am heading to perth in March 2020 and looking for cheap car hire options. I've searched on and the cheapest price for 1 week option 2/3-7/3 is $210 Just wondering if …

Google Maps

Are There Any Google Local Guides on OzBargain?

Hi OzB community! I started getting into Google reviews and contributing as a local guide as a bit of fun competition with a friend. The one thing that has stumped me time and time again is what kind …

What Is This Landmark?

Hi OzB community. Just curious, does anyone know what this is?

iPhone XS Case for Maximum Protection

Can anyone recommend an iPhone XS case that offers maximum protection for the screen and camera? Also anything on sale would be a bonus

Boost Mobile

Cheapest Way to Purchase Boost 365 Day Plan

Hi Everyone Currently in the market for a new mobile service and want to try boost. Can anyone provide recommendations on the best and cheapest way to purchase?

Any Recommendations for Restaurants in Sydney for Birthday Party

Hi All Currently trying to find a venue for about 30 adults and 10 kids to celebrate a combined first and third birthday. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a venue that won’t break …

Witnessed Hit and Run

I witnessed a hit and run involving a parked car. I have the details of the car that hit the other one but don’t know the details of the owner of the parked car. Is there a way to find out the …

Cheapest Deal for iPhone X

Hi Everyone :) Just wondering if you can help me. Trying to find the best deal on getting an iPhone X 64GB for my wife. Any suggestions are welcome. TIA

Marine Carpet on a Hilux Ute Tray

Hi All I have a dual cab hilux with a steel tray (no hard cover or canopy) and was wondering… What is the best way of protecting the tray? I'm not a tradie, so not constantly putting tools …

Recommendations for a 4K Graphics Card Please

Hi Everyone Just wondering if you can help me out please. About 12 years ago I built a PC with the following specs (high end at the time..) · Intel Q6600 Quad Core · 8GB RAM · …

Recommendations for front loader washer dryer combo

Hi OzB community Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good deal on a combo washer and dryer? If you own one, is there anything I should be worried about? Keen to glean from your positive or …

Sunglasses recommendation

Hi Everyone I’ve recently had laser surgery done and now am in the market for some good quality sunglasses. Haven’t had to purchase non prescription ones before so curious as to what I should …

Help with The First Home Buyer Assistance

Hi Everyone Just wondering if someone has had to go through this as well. I bought my first place a couple of years ago but didnt realise I was eligible for the first home buyers assistance. My …

Want to buy a Fitbit :)

Hi Everyone I’m wanting to buy a Fitbit but I’m wondering if anyone is aware of any deals going on at the moment? TIA

Looking to buy some over the ear Bluetooth Headphones

Hi all LTL LTP My pair of Kogan Bluetooth headphones have recently died and I’ve just made the switch to a phone with no headphone jack (supplied by work) I’m now in the market for some cheap but …