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Xiaomi Mi A2 64GB

Hi, Does anyone know where is the cheapest or best place to buy this? Thanks

Looking for phone for dad

Hi, My dad does a lot of WeChat and takes photos and sends photos with this friends He is currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but the system memory is almost using up all the 16gb internal …


Vodafone $5/Day Roaming

Going to Canada (Vancouver)/ NYC for 15-16 days in total are the speed okay on roaming? just checked TSD and they have a 24gb card but that $129. If I roam, it's like 80 bucks but my plan is …


Has Anyone Booked with ifly.net.au before?

Just checking, are they legit? $50 cheaper for my flights than direct on Cathay pacific Thanks


Vodafone- is it good?

I used to be with Vodafone many years ago and dropped it as it was awful. have been with Telstra since but I see a lot of good deal atm with the other telcos. Telstra seems to lag behind with what …

Reccomendation for Air Conditioner Brands

Hi. I need to get an AC before summer I know what size I want but are there much differences between the brands? Going to get it through The Good Guys - They …

Qantas Lounge Pass- Can I Transfer or Sell It

Hi, I just received 2 free Qantas lounge passes as part of my credit card. is this something I can sell? if so, where can I sell it on as I have no interest in using it Thanks

Looking to Get Air Conditioner Installed

Hi, I'm looking to buy and get an air conditioner installed. I'm looking to have it in the lounge room with a bit of overflow to the other rooms but cooling the lounge room is the …

Any Current Deals for Japan Sim Cards?

Need it for June this year for 10 days.. any good deals around?

Is My Dyson DC45 Worth Fixing?

Hi, my Dyson dc45 died today. It was bummer as it was out of warranty by 2 months The call centre person said it's best to bring it in for service but it will cost $45 + delivery fees to get …

Dick Smith / Kogan

iPhone 7 from Kogan/Dick Smith - how does warranty work?

Hi, does anyone know how the warranty works. would the apple store fix it if there's anything wrong with it? Thanks

sim that is not month to month

Need to get a sim for mum.. cheapest possible, she just need a sim to receive calls with literally, no internet, etc I have looked around and most are month to month which she doesn't …

help with with case and tempered glass

Hi, I ordered this before the bundle become available (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/263289) does anyone know where I can buy the case + glass as the size is different to the note 3 Thanks

Citibank Australia

Citibank Plus in Japan

Hi, Heading to Japan in 2 weeks time. I know the Citibank card is fee free if I withdraw from a Citibank ATM. Are there any other ATM's I can take money out that is also fee free. What about …

Claiming GST Back at Airport

going to claim a camera + lens. do I need to bring the box or can I just show them the camera and lens? anyone know?


Choice Review for Microwaves Jan 2016

Does any one have a copy of the choice review for microwaves from earlier in the year? Microwave died last night. One the lookout for a new one now Thanks in advance

Bali Tourist Visa question

I purchased the cheap airasia tickets ages ago but I plan to fly into Bali, spend a night there and then fly out to Borneo and then come back to Oz via Bali do I only need to pay that tourist visa …

Has Anyone Been to Komodo Island?

I brought the Airasia sales fair last time around to Bali. Never been there before, not very interested in it but I want to go to Komodo island to see the lizard. has anyone been and can recommend …

Recommendation for A Modem/Router - up to 10 Wi-Fi Devices

Hi, looking to upgrade my current billion modem/router. Can anyone recommend a device that can handle up to 10 wifi devices? Thanks

Opal Card - NSW Government

Opal Card Limit? is there any?

does anyone know what the maximum limit you can have on an opal card? or is it unlimited? Thanks

Best Place in Sydney to Get Malaysian Ringitt

Hi, looking to get some malaysian dollars for an upcoming trip.. looking at getting about 300 aud worth.. normally I wouldn't get it here but there are so few citibank atms in malaysia, so it …

Looking for a stand alone upright stove

Hi, I'm in need of buying a new stove (budget is 1K or under). any recommendations? thanks

Manufacturer Refurbished Camera

Hi, looking at possibly getting a manufacturer's refurbished Sony A7s is it a good idea to buy a manufacturer's refurbished item with 12 month warranty. I would assume that they replaced …


Club Catch question - how to cancel subscription in one months time?

Hi, just a quick question in regards to this. I signed up today to the club catch trial. how do you cancel it before it automatically bills you once the trial finishes Thanks

Jetstar Airways

Jetstar QFF credit card question

Hi I'm trying to collect as many QFF points as I can In March, I cancelled my Jetstar Platinum card now this promo came up- Jetstar $149 annual fee and I get 50k points if I spent 3000 in 60 …

Air Fryer recommendations

Hi, I recently purchased the Spice I am cookbook and is in love with making my own crispy pork belly recipes. the problem is I deep fry the pork outside in oil and seriously, its like an explosion …

Travel Insurance Direct

Anyone have new discount code to TID?

Hi anyone have new codes for TID can't find any 10% off codes online thanks


Trying to use QFF to book US domestic flight on a partner airline

Hi, I need to go from LA-Boston in July. Tried looking up QFF to see if I can redeem from there. It said I can only book it as 'classic' rewards. What does this mean? when I finally got …

Buying an iPhone - Advice Needed

Hi, I'm planning on getting an iphone 6 64gb outright I'm going to go overseas soon and hoping to claim GST back. would it be possible to use woolies 5% giftcards to buy myers gift cards …


Qantas Premium Economy Vs Business

Hi I'm travelling to hk in a few days and was thinking of upgrading my flight to either premium economy of business Premium Econ cost 25k points to upgrade and Business cost 40K points both …


Help with TRS

Hi was wondering if any one can help I just purchased 2 ipad minis from Myers parramatta and realised that the TRS rules have changed in that you don't need one tax invoice over 300. it can be …

Kitchen Knives from Japan

Hi, I'm heading to Japan next year I want to buy some good quality knives. Does anyone know any good knife makers or stores? I wasn't sure if I have to order them or can I just buy on …


ANZ platinum FF card and travel insurance issue

Hi I applied for the ANZ Platinum FF card for the points at the end of July. I'm in the process of planning an overseas US trip (30th June -Aug 2, 2015) I read that ANZ platinum has one of …

SIM only Mobile plan with alot of data

Hi I have this problem where i always run out of phone data My usage is about 3gb a month I dont make alot of calls ~$50-100 a week does anyone know the cheapest sim only plan out there for 3gb …


In ear monitor earphones from acustoms.com.au. Has anyone purchased from them before?

Hi, I'm looking to get some custom in ear monitor earphones and was wondering if anyone has purchased from them before. It a lot of money to spend so I just want to make sure they are …


Rainchecks at Woolies

Hi, There is something I want from the 1/2 price wollies catalogue and its already sold out by Friday. Can I ask them for a raincheck when they get stock later? I have never tried doing this before …

Costco Wholesale

Can you buy bonsoy at cosctco?

hi Does anyone know if Costco sells bonsoy? and if not, where can you get it cheap? thanks

Any cheap flights to USA July next year

Hi, I'm planning to go to comic con next yr- July 2015 any cheap flights from sydney.. only requirement is from Syd to San Fran or LAX and I can get to san diego myself don't mind …

Are these dumbbells any good?

Looking to get some dumbbells does any one know if these are any good? http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/2-pack-fortis-24kg-adjustable-sm... Thanks in advance

Steel Cut Oat

Hi, After reading the news about Bob Carr, I decided to try Steel cut oat. I normally eat rolled oats but I really like steel cut oat. does anyone know where I can get it for cheap in Sydney. My …

Dyson Turbine Head for Vacuum cleaner

Does any one have this? is it worth getting? and is there any post xmas deals that might have this on sale/special? Thanks

Need help from someone who has Sydney Entertainment book

Hi, i have the Sydney entertainment book but i can't find the book, can someone please go to page E8 and tell me what I need to do to claim the 25% tickets for Taronga zoo I can log into the …

popcorn maker to roast coffee with

has anyone tried using a popcorn maker to roast coffee.. I have read about some online but they are all US brands with 120v

AppleCare Mac Book PRO 15/17 inch

anyone know where I can get it cheaper rrp is $389 thanks in advance

Which pressure cooker to buy?

Im looking to get myself a pressure cooker any recommendations? Thanks in advance

Printer Toner Cartridges?

Does anyone know if generic toner cartridges works as well as genuine ones I have one of those cheap brother mono laser printers and its out of ink...