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Travelling to Japan in March

I'm looking to travel to Japan in March anytime after the 11th and is fairly flexible on dates and timing and location (Narita, Haneda or Osaka are all fine return or in some combination).

Good tablets?

I came across these 2 models and their specs look awesome. Anyone can comment on whether they are good?


Free MILLIONAIRE HOT SEAT - Studio Audience Tickets [VIC]

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Smart TV vs LED TVs - which is better?

The new smart tvs seem to come with apps and android etc and looks like they are really good in some of the articles I have come across. They seem to be all the rage for 2013.

Help Needed with Medion 39" TV - Can't find channels

Bought the Medion 39" tv on the recent Aldi promotion but when running the auto-tuning, the tv can only find 1 digital channel and 3 analogue channels.

USB3.0 on TVs

Just bought a new LED tv and to my disappointment it couldn't recognise my usb3.0 connections. It read the usb2.0 wires just fine, but couldn't read usb3.

The Lexus of Irons - Is it true?

My cheapie iron broke down and I wanted to get a good one cos the old one never seemed to be able to do the one thing its supposed to - remove wrinkles!

Has Anyone Ever Seen A Surge Protector that has multi-country sockets?

I've been travelling a lot and buying a lot of gadgets over the years from different countries and I need a surge protector that has sockets which are able to accept not only the AU plugs, but also UK

Nook Simple Touch

Christmas is coming up and the Nook Simple Touch looks like it will be bang for the buck the best ebook reader out there.

Does anyone know of a cheap car wash place near East Melbourne?

If it comes to cheaper, I don't mind even even if I have to do it myself like in a self service type. I'm having trouble finding even a decently priced car wash place around here. Any ideas?