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General service for gas hot water heater - who to call?

I've got a Rheem outdoor hot water gas storage heater and I don't think the previous owner has ever serviced it. Since I'm a new owner and new to servicing gas heaters, who would be …


Motorola Edge S

I've seen some discussions that mentions that Australia is getting the Edge S which was released back in Jan for China but I haven't been able to locate it for sale here. Does anyone know …

Aletta Yellow Store

[Unconfirmed] Note 30+ Smartphone Global Version 6.9 inch Deca Core 6000mAh 12GB 512GB 4G LTE @ Aletta Yellow Store AliExpress

Moved to Forum: Original Link I can't believe they are offering these specs for only AU $148.34 PLUS free shipping! Samsung should probably close shop if this is true: Brand Name: DOOVBattery …

Any Recommendations for High Index Lens with Transitions?

I bought a pair of frame last year, and am looking to get glasses made this year. I'm in Melbourne but can also look at online too. I'm looking to get lens in high index 1.67 or higher plus …

What is this and how can it be removed?

This is found on my plasterboard wall and doesn't seem tohave any purpose.


Any Major Brands Uses The Same Battery as Xfinity Workzone Batteries from ALDI?

Can the Aldi branded ones be swapped to be used with brands such as Makita, Ozito etc? Or are they all unique and non-swappable?

Plumbing - Preference for ball lever valve or taps?

Do you prefer to install a lever type ball valve or a screw type? It seems a lot easier to use a lever to turn on/off the water supply rather than turning clockwise/anticlockwise all the time. Is …

Samsung Digital Door SHS-7020 - Difference btw Mgr and User?

Anyone bought the above lock? Whats the difference between access of a manager vs a user? The manual doesnt tell me anything useful there!

eBay Australia

eBay - How do you compare prices?

I try to sort through prices lowest to highest on items, and I get so many "bundled" items in there that it makes comparisons all but impossible. How do you guys find the cheapest of the …

Suspicious positive up votes on Huawei phones!

If you look at the recent deals for Huawei phones, the comments are overwhelmingly negative and anyone with half a brain won't be buying their flagship phones at current prices. Where are all …

Best Android free budgeting app?

I'm looking for a (free of course) app that will help me to track my spending. What do you think is the best app for budgeting atm? I don't want third party app connect to my bank account …


New QFF only Flight!! And to Japan to boot! Anyone worked out what the conversion rate is?


Issue - Cashrewards OVO deal isn't tracked

II was checking up on the previous cashback deal from Cashreward here and noticed that it did not show up on my account. It appeared on my click history but conveniently missing from the actual …

Is Everyone Free to Post a Valid Religious Deal or Some People Only and Only for Specific Religion?

Can the moderators please clarify if everyone is free to post a valid deal with a religious bent or only some people, and if there is a restriction on some religion?

Home Loan Applications

Has anyone applied or is in the process of applying for a home loan recently? There has been a lot of news about banks ramping up the loan assessment process and becoming super difficult to borrow …

Anyone annoyed at all the eBay Plus and Amazon Prime deals that are showing up?

EBay plus and Amazon Prime are not for everyone and the membership is a cost. How about we start listing cost of items plus potential shipping instead? All these services are doing is create a …

Any Good Deals for Easter Getaway?

An opportunity opened up at the last minute to get away over the Easter break period, has anyone come across any good deals to get away? I'm in melb and would prefer to get out of the country …


Cannot Lodge Ticket with

I have bought a Chuwi tablet from Gearbest and less than a year in it just suddenly died one day. Nothing I've tried seems to work so I tried to lodge a return. To my surprise when I tried to …


Cannot unsubscribe GearBest's emails

Anyone find that they cannot unsubscribe to the gearbest emails no matter how many times you click unsubscribe?

Looking for Small Swiss Army Knife with Keyring

I'm looking to buy a new basic swiss army knife with a keyring with scissors as one of the tools. Brand can be generic and doesn't matter. Has anyone come across a site that sells these at …

Looking for a Yamazaki 2016 Sherry Cask

Anyone knows where would be the best place to order one?


Laptop to Run Day and Night

I'm after a laptop that is at least 17in to function as an entertainment PC. I won't use it for any serious type of gaming so reliability is more important than powerful specs, but it needs …

TPG Internet

TPG NBN offer any good?

I am an existing ADSL2+ customer and TPG rang me up offering NBN as it is now available. Basically it is unlimited broadband, no signing fee, no lock-in period, and a free modem. Initially they said …

Cheap Tie Needed in Vic

Any suggestions? I need a silver tie which I'm only going to wear once

Free pianos

I'm amazed at the number of free pianos being given away. Most are old, but some are in good nick. Whats the catch here?


Received mail - Dodo unlimited ADSL for $39.90

Looks pretty good and much cheaper than TPG which is what I'm currently paying. Any thoughts on it?

Where to find cheap watch strap replacement and installation in Sydney?

I have a Casio watch and the strap is disintergrating. It won't be long before it falls off completely. Can anyone recommend a place to get it replaced?

VicRoads Registration - 14 days?

Its pretty hard to get a mechanic at this time if you've bought a car and if things need to be fixed it can go over the 14 days pretty easily I reckon. Has anyone been fined if the RWC takes …

Europcar Australia

Europcar Tasmania

I'm heading over to Tasmania and renting a car from the Airport. From the list, Europcar seems to be the cheapest, but I've heard tons of problems about them, but back in July it was …


28 Degrees Price Protection and Kogan HK

I'm thinking of getting the S4 with the free shipping going on right now and using the 28 degrees card for price protection. But on the product it says item supplied and offered by Kogan HK. …

Looking for Plasti Dip Gloss

Anyone knows a good place to buy these at a good price?

Have you seen any deals on large external drives 4TB & up?

The last one was from JB Hifi with the 20% off, but I haven't seen anything come up since. Anyone come across any good deals on large capacity hdds?

Which dashcam is better?

Which would you get around this price range, this or this

RWC workshop to recommend near Footscray

Hi, does anyone have a rwc workshop they can recommend near the footscray (or nearby suburbs) that does what its supposed to do and doesn't charge you for ridiculous items like changing an entire wind

Has anyone ever had any experience with color e ink readers?

I know that its still fairly new and the second generation color e ink was only just released in Mar. Has anyone ever seen or tried one of these?

Returning from overseas - duty free worth it?

Is it worth my time to purchase alcohol from duty free as opposed to Dan Murphy etc? Also id it is, do you usually buy when you touch down in AU or overseas when you board the plane?