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Another Scumtree/Gumtree Story

I listed an item on Scumtree and for the first time in 8 years of using it, decided to listen to the request of a buyer to deliver. He constantly messaged me asking for more details (warranty, …

30% off @ Origin Store

expired 30% off @ Origin Store

Similar Earbuds/Earphones to Logitech UE 100

Hey guys, I bought these earphones when they were $5 and I've gone through all 3 that I had. These were great for riding motorcycles and I loved them for noise isolation. Fast track to today, …

Fabness Canvas Prints Buy 1, Get 2 Free

expired Fabness Canvas Prints Buy 1, Get 2 Free

10% off CPAP Machine and Products

expired 10% off CPAP Machine and Products

Nexus 5X 16GB - $318 in-Store - Allphones

expired Nexus 5X 16GB - $318 in-Store - Allphones

Steering Wheel Lock Major Issue?

Hey guys, I just wanted to get some opinions on whether or not a steering wheel lock is a major issue. The car is covered by Australian Consumer Laws and I'm wondering if I can request a refund …

Internet Companies Forced to Block The Pirate Bay, Bittorrent Websites in Australia - Good VPN

Full news link: So down ya go ya pirates. Which VPN will you now use?

PS4 Pro Vs PC Gaming with Controller

So I'm currently in a dilemma where I really want to buy a console and I've been wanting a PS4 for a very long time. But the reason why I've never given in and still am unsure is …

40% off Bonds - Target

expired 40% off Bonds - Target

Constantly Wanting a Portable Computer Solution

Dear OzB Community, Ever since I was in high school (graduated in 2012) I've been wanting a portable computer solution and thus have gone through several different phases by buying and …

22/6/16 - Travelling to Bangkok, Any Advice?

Hey guys, I'm travelling to Bangkok this Saturday and wanted to hear if anyone had some must do's in the Thailand for me? I'll be primarily going there to study on Mon-Fri for 3 hours …

Sick of TPG, Who to Go to? - May 2016

Hey OzBargain, As of late, our TPG connection has become worse and is no longer viable. I'm considering moving to Telstra on our ADSL2+ connection. We also have a second ISP with Telstra for …


Return of USELESS Minipc from GeekBuying

So I had issues with the minipc that I purchased from Ainol being used with the wifi chip not working properly as I could not connect to the internet. I determined that the chip wasn't …

Reliable and Affordable Computer System

Hey there, I'd like to buy my Mother a new computer for her to use that is relatively cheap but reliable. She would be using it for: a - Legally downloading/streaming movies and tv shows to …

JB Hi-Fi

+1 Harvey Norman, -1 JB Hifi

So today I went into JB to purchase a Surface Pro 3. Employee #1: Can't price match because it's below our cost-price, I'd have to speak to our manager. Now I'm fine with that, …

Cheap Canon/Nikon DSLR

So I've finally got some cash, after the bloody deal ended ( And I was wondering if anyone can help me find a similar deal? I don't think its …

Stray Kitten

Hello, I'd like to hear of some advice from this community regarding a stray kitten around my house. The kitten is.. not very old and I've never owned a pet before so I don't know how …

[Urgent] eBay Buyer

Hi, I've posted this item up on ebay for sale and it was sold within 2 hours to a buyer. I'm concerned that the buyer …

Small Bump on Motorcycle

The other day someone had rear-ended me and afterwards there did not appear to be any apparent damage. However, he mentioned "is your tyre okay", so I had decided to check the PSI's …

Motorcycle Advice!

I'd like to once again ask for some advice from the OzB community! I'm interested in buying this second hand Bike (Kawa 300 Ninja SE) and its tyre has a small metal puncture in it. I am …

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 -- A few issues

I've just purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I'm feeling very annoyed. Some of the issues that I am currently having are: Customisation of App Dock. Androids are meant to be the …

Battlefield 4 (NA) -- Can I use this serial key for Aus ORIGIN?

Hey so I came across this awesome deal of Battlefield 4 for only $48.00 USD But I don't know if I can or cannot use the code to play BF4 in Australia? Can anyone give me some in-sight into …

eBay US

Selling Items via eBay

Hi guys,


Selling Items via GumTree

hello, I need some advice for selling one of my items through Gumtree.

IT Estate - Lock/delete please

So I went in-store today to pickup my Computer which I handed in so they could install my motherboard and CPU. (

CPU and Motherboard

Hey I wanted some guidance in choosing a CPU and a compatible motherboard for my computer. I am replacing as the current motherboard is causing certain issues -- can't be bothered discussing.


Photography Course

Hello~ I would like some advice in deciding which photography course I should take. I am currently tossing up between the UWS Visual Communications degree or studying at CATC Design School.

Buying a scooter/motorcycle

Uh... I think that this topic belongs here as it is a means of transport between point A and B.

SpnKiX, Futuristic technology available now!

It's come to my attention that no-one has mentioned SpnKix on this forum before?

GND Reflection? (DLSR)

Hey, I've just taken this photograph and converted it to a smaller JPEG to show you what I mean.

Buying Headset/Headphone

Hello~ I've decided to buy a new set of headsets after both my Razer Carchias and Orca broke down :( Tomorrow I'll buy the Logitech G930 from ARC Computers for $160. 'Premium' Services

I wanted to ask for opinions regarding premium services.

Upgrading DSLR

Hi, I would just like some advice on whether I should upgrade my camera or not. I currently own a Canon 1100D and want to upgrade it to a Nikon D7000.

Cheap Windows 7 Tablet

Hi. I am interested in buying a cheap windows 7 tablet to format and install windows 8 on it. Something like this bargain would be great!

$5 Coupon at Shop It Again Website!

expired $5 Coupon at Shop It Again Website!

iOS App Game 'Bejeweled' Free

expired iOS App Game 'Bejeweled' Free

iOS App 'Scribblenauts Remix' $0.99

expired iOS App 'Scribblenauts Remix' $0.99