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eBay item not received case gets auto closed 21 days later without resolution

OK. So this might be down to me being a bit of a newb and not getting how these things work. TLDR disputed item took 21days and ebay auto closed 'due to no activity' even though …

Food Processor

Looking for a good price and recommendation for a Food Processor that will hold up to heavy use. I was at a friends house and the had made some of those 'bliss balls' which seems like a …

Sim for incoming SMS only.

I'm looking to use some online SMS services, this is for a workshop and I just need to advise people stuff is ready for collection and it looks like my billing system can plug into a few …

eBay Australia

eBay winning bid but wanted to cancel, seller agrees but no action.

OK this is the flip side of this discussion I guess. I put a bid in on a US ebay auction a week ago did my normal thing and put in my max comfortable bid, but was pip'd in the last hours and …

New 'high end' AV setup Reccomendations

OK. So I have a bit of 'fun money' that I have decided to spend on a good AV Receiver (I have a nice enough TV and a lot of gadgets that connect to its 3 HDMI ports that I need to cycle …

Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick

Borrowed a Thrustmaster Warthog Flight Stick off of a mate to see if it was any good (joystick and throttle). I now really want one - but haven't seen it for a bargain price anywhere ever… …

Disappearing posts - bug me

So sometimes I will comment on a post and want to come back and see if there is feedback to questions etc .. but the post has gone. For example tonight I swear I added a comment to a free iphone game …

Warrenty issue with a 1 year old GFX card - ideas?

Guys I posted this over on Whirlpool (link at the bottom) - but then thought as its a warranty issue you guys might have some insight as well (plus I sourced the card though here). ......

Coke Rewards

Coke Unleashed - not login in?

Not sure where this stuff would go...


expired Trainyard - Andriod Game Free from Amazon App Store 24hrs

Pre Paid Credit Card

Hey Guys,

Free Little Snitch Upgrade

Thought those that bought Little Snitch from the deal posted here (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/68619) might want to know they get a free upgrade to the new version that is about to be released.

NetPlus Micro Computers

Nvidia GTX 690 for $1399 @ NetPlus

Yes an expensive video card that is not for everybody. But for those with large displays (ie 27") or multiple displays AND into gaming this is for you.

Charity Auction Online - Perth

closed Charity Auction Online - Perth

  • Prize pool $15.00
  • Australia-wide
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