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Looking to buy a new Aeron office chair

So I realise "bargain" is relative when talking about Aeron chairs but I'm interested in buying an Aeron Remastered chair in size C with the SL Posturefit bit. Happy to buy new or …

Amazon AU

Is as Crap as It Looks Price Wise?

Every time I get directed to from google when I'm searching out prices on products, the prices are just absurd. I was looking for a sugar dispenser and one I found that I liked …

Given That It's Been a While since Telstra Disabled Carrier Billing on Prepaid, Who Now Has The Best Value Plans out There?

I stayed with Telstra cause I kind of forgot to look around at other carriers and the only reason I stuck with Telstra was the Google Play credit every month. So, now that the party is well and …

Suggestions for unlimited ADSL2+? TPG just annoyed me

So TPGs service is fine but I just had the situation where my credit card was compromised (message from the bank) and they are issuing me a new card that will take up to 10 business days to arrive. …


Can Credit Me2u credit be spent in the play store?

The title says it all, any info would be appreciated. Cheers

Affordable Dentist in Melbourne

Hi folks, Need to get a root canal done, can't be treated at the dental hospital. I do have private health but even so I need to save as much as I can while still being the right job …

Hoyts Cinevouchers $6 Each - Valid Mon-Thurs - 275 Available

out of stock Hoyts Cinevouchers $6 Each - Valid Mon-Thurs - 275 Available

VSO Software - 20% off with Coupon

expired VSO Software - 20% off with Coupon

Need a web designer to help setup an online store for Brentsbits!

Hey folks, if any of you are, or know a talented yet budget priced web developer to set up a small online store for Brentsbits I would love to hear from you, or get the details of the one you know.


expired Brent's Bits $2 Day Is Here Again!

Brents Bits

What would you like to see for the next Brentsbits OzBargain special?

With the selling out of the right angle SATA cables, I think I will do another few Ozbargain specials over the next little while, once I can restock.


expired 45cm SATA Cables $1 Each Plus $1 Flat Rate Posting

Daiso Store

$2.80 for Everything in Store at Daiso

Just found this place in the Melbourne CBD, apparently there is one is in Doncaster too. There's a massive amount of stuff in store and their thing is it's all $2.80 for each item.