Boxing Day 2014 Discussion. Catalogues and Advertisements - Link Them Here

I thought it would be good to have a list that links to all the Boxing Day catalogues so they are all in one place and anyone who gets access to an early catalogue can provide a scanned copy and give the link here. I'm starting it off with a link thanks to Rohlan who posted a scanned copy of the Big W Boxing Day catalogue elsewhere on Ozbargain in reference to one particular item. Please add any links that you find, so everyone can benefit.

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Featured Deals

This page will continue to update with new Boxing Day deals & catalogues. Mods & power users will keep this post up dated throughout the whole event. If there's a deal post please link to that instead. Otherwise link to the merchant's own Boxing Day page/catalogue.

Bolded items represent deals with over 50 votes

Changes Log:

23/12: Created
11:00AM: Added Ikea
11:20AM: Added another IKEA deal
12:30PM: Added Toys R Us
11:55PM: Added Sony TV @ Dick Smith
9:45AM: Added Ezbuy, Huxbaby, Myer, Added another Dick Smith deal, updated catalogue link
10:30AM: Added Bonds, City Chic, Aldi, ABC Shop
11:30AM: Added Gant, David Jones, Repco
2:35PM: Added Shopping Express & Kitchenware Direct
3PM: Added Mushroom
3:35PM: Added EB Games
4:20PM: Added another Myer deal
4:30PM: Added MSY
4:40PM: Added Pumpkin Patch
6:50PM: Added Shin Tokyo Adelaide
7:40PM: Added Adore Beauty, Living Social, Rivers, Tontine, Allanah Hill
8:00PM: Added Lowes, Berlei, Saveonit, CatchoftheDay
8:30PM: Added City Beach, Just Jeans, Baby Bunting
8:45PM: Added Jeanswest, Peter Alexander, Kogan, The Strand Melbourne
9:05PM: Added Super Amart deal link, Spotlight
9:15PM: Added Lindt, Review, Adairs, Surfstitch, Jack London
9:30PM: Added Novo Shoes, Harris Scarfe, Dangerfield
9:45PM: Added OzTenPin, Kathmandu, The Iconic, The Good Guys
10:00PM: Added Best & Less, Asos,
10:45PM: Added JB Hi-Fi, Toys R Us deal
11:35PM: Added Windsor Smith
11:45PM: Added another Big W Deal, Added bolding for items with +50 Votes
1:00AM: Added Cotton On, Lincraft, Shaver Shop
1:15AM: Added Rivers deal, Country Road
2:05AM: Added CentreCom
2:10AM: Added The Good Guys deal
9:50AM: Added Kate Hill, Honey Birdette, One Teaspoon, Kip & Co
10:15AM: Added Oroton, Sony, Sussan, Autobarn,
10:20AM: Added Supercheap Auto,
10:40AM: Added another Sony deal
11:00AM: Added Anaconda, Lenovo,
11:15AM: Added Mimco
11:30AM: Added Kitchenware direct deal, Betta, Barbeques Galore
5:30PM: Added Digidirect, Aussiebum
5:50PM: Added Factorie,, Sportscraft
7:45PM: Added Peter's of Kensington, Glue Store, Umbrella Entertainment, Typo, Ralph Lauren, Katies, Chemist Warehouse,
8:45PM: Added Petstock, Michael's Camera, Hard Yakka
9:00PM: Added Melbourne Central
11:15PM: Added OzSale, Velogear, Reid Cycles, Koorong, yd
12:45AM: Added Jay Jays, Lenovo deal, Livingsocial deal, OzSale Deal, CameraPro
12:45AM: Bolded The Good Guys Deal
1:00AM: Bolded Big W, DigiDirect, CentreCom Deals
1:20AM: Added another Sony Deal, Added Samsung Online Deal
2:15AM: Added Microsoft Store, Added Emerald Swamp, Added another EB Games Deal
2:30AM: Added Globe, Harvey Norman
10:20AM: Added Lush, another The Iconic deal, Florsheim, another Huxbaby deal,
12:20PM: Added Kogan deal, Harper & Hudson. Aura Home, Rhythm Livin, Go Price, Hype DC, Todd's Hi-Fi, Cellarmasters, Colorado, Karen Miller
12:50PM: Added Jo Mercer
12:55PM: Added WPN
1:15PM: Added Tiger Air
1:30PM: Added JetStar
1:35PM: Added DX Racer
2:55PM: Added Amcal
12:15AM: Added Scoot, Chemist Warehouse deal, Auto One, Witchery, Suzanne Grae, Sportscraft deal, Styletread,

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2014


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    Nice job of scanning - thank you

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    Thanks for accumulating links. But seriously, these deals seem extremely underwhelming :(

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    You can add Aldi's very vague "Biggest EVER Sale" to the list.…
    "We're talking up to 50% off heaps of Special Buys™ and Christmas stock, from electronics to homewares, fashion and so much more".

    Suspect they are simply clearing stores of all special buys stock. Could be some good buys at 50% off.
    Anyone got any more info on this?

    Found this

    • Cheers!

  • good job OP.

  • Wondering what EZBuy was, then hovered link and it's EziBuy ;-p

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      Thanks. Fixed that up. It's one of those stores I always forget how to spell. EzyBuy, EasyBuy, Ezibuy? Interestingly, Easybuy is a furniture & supplies business.

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    I still can't find any stores that are selling cheap external HDD. They seem like they are the same price as last year for 2TB or more…

    I wonder why BigW doesn't try to revive their sales/profit margin by selling what used to be a Dick Smith favourite.

    I'm tempted to get one from tmall as there are some good sales going on, but am not sure about the warranty issues.

    • Did you have a look at that Shopping Express deal? There were a couple in the COTD deal as well, not sure they were that great though, just making sure you saw them.

      • Yeah, I looked at the Shopping Express one, but my guess is that it will be $99 or something as it only states $?9.

        For other sales I tried lasoo but that didn't help.

        Basically for most of the Boxing Day sales, you can find something on lasoo.

  • I've made a post for JB's sale here

  • Cheers OP!

  • Sank you!

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    Do your research - a lot of fake 'WAS' prices.

  • Country Road's sale has already started. Additional 25% off including sale items for card holders.

  • BigW, Skylanders Trap Team, BOGOF, Boxing Day.

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    Honey Birdette

    Kate Hill - 50% Everything (RRP)(26th)

    Kip & Co. - 50% Everything (26th)
    8 AM - 8 PM
    Promocode: BOXTHIS

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    One Teaspoon

    50% off everything - until 27th Dec 12am

  • great job …thanks

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    Kogan Boxing Day Sale [sic]

    Kogan Vitablast Blender- &99 delivered- it was $69 delivered on Tuesday

    Kogan Backlit Mechanical Keyboard- $99 delivered- it was $65 delivered on Tuesday

    Kogan 1.8L Glass Smart Kettle- $59 delivered- it was $35 delivered on Tuesday

    And those are just the ones I noticed because they were posted at Ozbargain this week. The whole poxy lot of it is probably like that.

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      I noted that too, classic case where shops mark up then mark down……

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    Hi Ozbargainers, need help. I cant find stores that has Wii U consoles on sale. My (post-) Christmas gift for my kids.

    Should I give up looking?

    • Keep an eye out on the Nintendo Wii U product page to see if anything is added, nothing since that EB Games deal which I know you have already seen.

  • Definitive list

  • Thanks pyjamas and anastasiastarz. Can't say I've heard of any of those stores but I've added those in. ;)

    • The more stores discounting different stuff from the same old same old the better

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    Kitchenware Direct - use code FREESHIPPING - no minimum spend

    • The code doesn't work for me

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    shopping express link is broken :)

    • Fixed thanks!

  • Ralph Lauren Summer Sale? Up to 30% OFF:

  • Great post! Thanks

  • Just arrived in my mailbox… Chemist Warehouse

    50% off RRP for "big brand" vitamins and makeup, extra 10% off for fragrances…

  • Guys is this a good time to get a PS4 any tips for boxing day?

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    Many of the Kogan Boxing day sale items have gone up.

    The mechanical keyboard gone up from $65 to $99
    also a gaming computer monitor went up from $199 to $259 (was $229 before the sale)

    also a micro sd card was $29 now $59
    and many more items gone up.

  • Does anyone have a link to the Harvey Norman sale, or are they not online?

  • So Parramatta and Liverpool Westfields aren't open tomorrow, where am I suppose to shop that's not in the city?

    20% off is regular but the 50% off christmas and 2015 stock isn't!

  • What are the absolute standout deals if you had to narrow it down to a few. For me its the Sony 48' Full HD LED LCD from TGG for $498. Talking about bricks n mortar stores.

    • That's a good pick, slightly more popular than the DSE Sony 50" Smart TV KDL50W700B $699 - Save $500. I would also put the Xbox One Assassin's Creed Console $388 - Big W in the top pick lists.

      We've tried to keep the deals with +50 votes bolded so the good deals stand out from the list.

    • Went to Aldi today and they have a 50" Bauhn for $300. Was tempted to get it but I really don't need much more than 40" I already have.

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    Wow I am absolutely appalled by the nonsense RRPs advertised by Kathmandu.

    $60+ for a microfibre towel. That you can buy from Ebay for $5-10. And even less from Alibaba.

    Not to mention that a very average quality duck down vest (goose down is considerably warmer and lighter) is supposedly worth $299 AUD (Reduced to $119!), when its not even 600+ loft down, only friggin 550!

    What a joke! Uniqlo's normal price for their down vests is $79 and they use 600+ fill.

    And the list of overpriced things just goes on-and-on! They even decided to clearly rip-off the name of Ray Jardine with their "Jardin" 3-layer jacket, which is apparently worth normally $799.

    Which is hilarious seeing that a better quality and well regarded Patagonia Super Alpine runs at $599 RRP, and can easily be found on Amazon for <$300.

    Quite a rant, but I am disgusted that this is how a local brand treats its customers. Shame on them.

    • +1

      No wonder they reported lower than expected profits to shareholders. It's one Aussie company I hate even more than Harveys , at least Gerry throws us a bone here and there and we get to joke about the professionals scandal.Kathmandu is just out of this world with their inflated prices, too bad it's hard to regulate.

    • Who would buy a down jacket anyway. Have you seen how they rip the feathers out of living animals?

      • +3

        Important point. Patagonia use traceable goose down in their 800 fill. Sourced from European geese that are independently verified to have been neither force fed for foie gras production nor plucked of their feathers and down during their lifetime.

        • +1

          Good to know. I wasn't even aware of the Patagonia brand.

    • This is news?

      This has been their strategy from the onset, high RRPs then slash it during their very frequent sales. They can do this because they still sell stuff at RRP during the occasional non-sale periods.

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    Perhaps we can add Oz sale in the list. They have quite a few deals going on. I just received an email for the promo code = Happyholiday ($10 off for min $50 spending, first 1000 customers only, expires 31st Dec). Hope it's helpful!

  • To go outside into actual stores or shop online? Hmm

  • Thanks all for the suggestions. They should all be in there now. Keep em coming.

  • where on earth is dell?

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      Their Australian headquarters are located in Sydney, and they have offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne and Perth.

      Or were you referring to their Boxing Day Sale?

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    Wheres all the good deals?

    I don't think its worth even going out boxing day… not even worth putting on pants…

    • +2

      Boxing day has never been a day for good deals.

    • i think the canon cameras are the only good thing with 10% off and double cashback

      • oh and the various tv deals! 10" more than just 4/5 months ago for cheaper!

    • +2

      So did you end up wearing pants today?

      • Nah mate, got told to leave Big W because of some elitist dress code policy…

        • ENELOOP covered dress?

  • How to get 25% OFF from DSE on DSLR cameras???

  • I don't think so. The Canon 1200D was $399 till yesterday and is now $449. At least, I was/am expecting 25% discount on $449 even though it is increased.

    Any idea how to apply 25% discount, as nowhere it is mentioned that it's already discounted price.

  • I've found this store with some good Boxing Day Deals: - especially KitchenAid stand mixers.
    Is it reliable? I don't see it anywhere here in OzBargain.

    • I had a kettle delivered from them once and it was fine.

  • Lush is having 50% off selected items - some gift sets remaining. Use code 'sale50'

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    You may want to update: THE ICONIC - 3 for 2 Site-Wide:

    • The Iconic is the worst clothing retailer I have ever seen. They are out of stock on just about anything that is popular, and take months to restock. I can't find anything worth spending my $250 credit on, it's all junk.

      • It looks like they've pulled a lot of their stock.

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    You may want to add crumpler for people who like crumpler. 30%-50% off selected styles.

    On their crumpler website

  • Anyone is facing the delivery free fees issue? While doing checkout for Micro SDHC Card, it is asking for delivery fee to pay. MERRYCHRISTMAS code is not working and it says invalid.

    • Same here. And yet it says "free delivery" on the deal. If they don't fix it up, I won't buy from them on principle, even though the price is still good (but no longer a great deal).

  • any good deals for micro sdhc class 10 or higher cards for a dashcam? can't seem to find any that match the previous shopping express or msy deals

  • lol why is kathmandu even listed here bahaha. isnt is always a 80% off storewide sale?

  • +1

    Pretty unimpressive, but at least that keeps me richer.

  • Iv been suprised by the lack of bargains. No big savings some ppl got $20 gift cards. Where are all the massive deals??!#

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    I think this is a pretty good deal too :
    Sony 60" for 989

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    My 'Boxing Day Sale' best of purchases so far:
    1) Canon $19* Digital Camera
    2) Catch of the day 'THANKYOU' applied to a Swarovski necklace $0
    3) $17.50del Utility bag (50% off)

  • Has anyone seen any great deals on Amaretto leather sperrys?

  • put a mark here.. so i can compare this for new year

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