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Photo Comp - Submit Your "Being an OzBargainer" Photo to Win Gift Vouchers!



Closing Date 01/11/2012


Description gift vouchers
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $400.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit
Entry Methods Facebook
Prerequisites n/a

Facebook Album — Submitted Photos


1st — oanh
2nd — keano1989
3rd — cassyip

OzBargain competitions are BACK! As OzBargain turns SIX next month, we will be having a few competitions for a bit of community fun.

Now, let me introduce the OzBargain Photo Comp.

What is this?

I know you are all proud OzBargainers who spend large chunks of time everyday reloading OzBargain, checking out the latest deals, collecting all the freebies, queueing up outside stores and calling up OfficeWorks for a price match.

I want you to share your pride with the rest of the OzBargain community and with the world by taking photos of you "Being an OzBargainer". It might be a picture including all your loot (for example this one here), or you being first in the queue at a local DickSmith closing down sale, or redeeming your 10th Subway 6incher, or … Do show us the creative side of being an OzBargainer!

It would be a plus if we can find both

  • OzBargain, the OzBargain logo or anything that can be identified as OzBargain.
  • Your OzBargain username.

in your photos.

How do I enter?

To enter into this competition, you must be an OzBargain user (obviously) and you will need to:

  • Upload a photo you take by either using OzBargain Media Uploader or another image hosting website.
  • Post a link here or send the URL to [email protected].
  • Multiple submissions are allowed.
  • Submissions must be made before 31 October 2012 23:59PM AEST (DST).

We will also upload your photos to our Facebook page photo albums. Those photos will be judged by their creativity and how much an OzBargainer you are :)

Edit: Facebook Album for Photo Comp Oct 2012

What's the prize?

3 winners will be picked by the OzBargain Moderators on 1 November 2012 — one winner and two runner ups. Total prize $400.

  • Winner — $200 gift voucher.
  • Runners Up — $100 gift voucher each.

I figured that it's probably better to give out gift cards or shopping vouchers than giving away "gadgets" (like our 2008 Birthday Comp). The winner of the prizes can choose which gift voucher/cards they want. For example:

After the winners are determined, I'll contact the winners via email to work out the choice of prizes and delivery details.

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  • +7

    My photo, Is this okay for the competition? just did it in paint, is my name too small?

    Basically, the story behind this photo is, on my birthday i went to the list of birthday deals wiki and attempted to get the most things i could get for free on my birthday. Got the subway deal, drove around to 3 different boost juices and got a different boost each time, and then finally to brumby's for my birthday muffin :). Ended up getting more "Happy Birthday" wishes from the staff at those outlets than from my friends ;P

    • +14

      Great photo. Looks like you need a deal on car seat repairs though. ;)

      • +3

        Hahaha, or seat covers, cost me less to just cover up the damage :)

  • +16

    I just want to see a photo of jv lol

    • +1

      The illusive jv? Not a chance :P

    • Didn't he post a photo of himeself in a cycling outfit sometime ago? That was an eye-opener! Now where's that post?…

      • please post the link here if you find it!!

        • +3

          AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! Can't find that post dangit! Jv, stop posting so many comments!

        • +7

          Found it! http://tinyurl.com/3jgzdnt
          Here's the post: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/45856
          Not sure if it's actually jv though.

        • Hahaha!! That's the one, thanks 44watt!

          Jv, is that you?

        • +1

          Looks like a Collingwood supporter in the pic for sure :-P

    • +7

      He probably won't enter because there'll be some reason why this is NOT a competition.

  • Thanks mods and Scotty, could be interesting! Maybe this could be pinned on the main page, similar to how the recent Brisbane gathering was listed? The more the merrier! :)

    • +2

      Good idea. Have put a notice up.

  • It's on Facebook now. Only 2 entries so far — one from @mrhorseham. The other one from @yashik, which I can't work out whether the theme of the photo comp has been understood properly…

  • +7

    Here are my submissions!

    Here is the Pizza Hut deal:

    Got all of the following for $5.50! My brother is passed out in this after being told how much he had to eat, all thanks to his OzBargaining brother ;)

    Here is my other submission:

    Got them for the discounted prices of $139 each!

  • +12

    Hi scotty,

    Here is my submission (also emailed it).

    The photo is of all the wine deals that Ozbargain had several months ago. I got enough to spell the word OZBARGAIN (for next to nothing in cost). Plus I price matched the Google Nexus 7 tablet with Officeworks for about $220, $100 less than RRP(with delivery). P.S. It says Happy 6th Birthday!



    Edit — updated with right spelling

    • Argh I was wondering what's that thing showing OzBargain Happy 6th Birthday down at the right-bottom corner. Do you remember which wine deals you got all those bottles from? Which shop?

      • +1

        Managed to track it down… although I do believe there was one more deal. It was all within a week or two of each other!

        http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/69141 (twin pack for $5 delivered - it also came with a dozen "bin end" wines which was a nice surprise)
        http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/68674 ($50 Cracka voucher with no minimum spend! - I may have made my gf also order one to her house and then kept it for myself :P )

    • +2

      Top ozbargin skills!

    • Love it!

  • +1

    My submission:

    DickSmith Clearance Sale: Which I was first in queue but don't have a photo…

    This is what I collected :): http://upload.ozbargain.com/2012/10/11/9535_3059771015066101…

    As a true OzBargainer. Before I sold them on eBay I also redeemed the Cash Back offer from Microsoft, so really the HDD I paid $5 for than sold for $60 on eBay. The headphones and what-not I also claimed back.

  • +1

    Hi scotty

    here is my submission:

    The infamous coles circle voucher which deal was taken down.
    Grabbed 12 ice cream + 7 cookies from multiple stores

    Photo shown only 6 boxes of ice creams.
    As per the voucher condition, try the product and post a review. Here we go:
    1 ice cream was delicious
    2… still OK
    after 3 boxes of them…. getting sick of it
    But, a true ozbargainer wouldn't stop at nothing on getting more freebies (especially an unpublished deal)


    thanks to the original poster and http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/74617

  • +1

    Yo Scotty
    Here is my 1st submission:

    The picture shows what happens when a DSM (deal seeking missile) is enhanced with an Ozbargain sub-system. All jokes aside, it has almost gotten to the point where, every new piece of hardware I've gotten over the last year was a result of Ozbargain. Thank You Ozbargain, I do appreciate it. My life would be poorer without you ;P Here's my loot.

  • Hi Scotty.

    My first submission:

    The picture showsall my ozbargained loots:

    DJ Hero 2 Party Bundle (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/64905)
    Truth or Lies bundle PS3 with microphones (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/56377)
    Apple TV (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/72215)
    Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus for iPad (I got it from big W when they had a pricing error, couldnt find the deal any more though :( )

    My 13" Macbook pro (ozbarained from http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/72506), on the screen showing my first post
    . Although I had only 4 votes but the highlight is that one comment says
    "You'd have to be a mug to pay this price" LOL…one of my colleagues started calling me Mug after that , it made my day :)

    Anyway in my opinion,

    A True Ozbargainer will always read the comments of a deal :)
    of course they will support their own post :p (Kogan Camera Lens Travel Mug http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/78768)

    Thanks for making this site happening for 6 years now! Keep up the good work :)

  • Rightio, here's my submission


    Unlike some others, I DID NOT SELL THEM ON EBAY! I gave the extra copy of Halo 3 ODST to a friend and the rest was all mine. The Tony Hawks Ride skateboard made a very good and cheap TV dinner tray!

    Also the battery that came with the Wii Fit pack actually fits in the skateboard!

  • Happy 6th Birthday OzBargain!


    Thanks for all the savings over the year … :-)
    In case you want to print this - please don't forget to print in B/W and eco mode as I have some colour in the pic.

    • +1

      Ha thanks. I need more $9 Dell Printer deals to print them in full colour :) Otherwise, they'll just stay in digital format on the web.

      • Haha … thought about the 9$ printer deal … (I didn't even order it - have 2 working printers so no need for it).
        By the way … the 6 is made out of 5 cent coins … as every little saving counts :-).

  • +1

    My submission here: http://upload.ozbargain.com/2012/10/14/9557_ozbargain_comp_e…

    Some notes:

    I've shown the cards that I've obtained during my OzBargaining. All free and all no account keeping fees.
    ING Direct $140 worth of bonuses, plus now 5% cash back for visa paywave (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/22739 and http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/81169)
    Suncorp Bank $50 free bonus (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/50868)
    HSBC $100 worth of bonus spread over 10 months (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/46629)
    NAB $50 sign up bonus and my free unsorted coin counting bank (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/40649)
    28 Degrees fee free international purchases
    Notable mentions are the uBank 10% term deposit as well as the Virgin Saver $50 bonus for free

    Every OzBargainer can't go without their trusty loyalty cards. Myer gift cards were picked up during the 10% bonus times to be used when the time comes (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/69620)

    Bottom picture is bubble wrap, padded bags and small boxes that I receive when I order online - perfectly usable the next time I need to sell or send something in the post.

  • +4

    Yay for toilet paper…… need to go home and take pictures of the laundry powder from harvey norman.. wander if her bf is going to let her snowstorm the lounge room….



    • haha love it! When i saw the second picture it reminded me of http://emotioneric.com/

  • Here's my entry!!


    Got this deal last week. Bought 52 Polo shirts to gift friends and workmates from the Catch of the Day deal for about $50 delivered.

    Alas, I was rather disappointed by the size and quality!!

    I am happy to give it for free to Ozbargainers (as 52 is too many), provided they pick it up from inner west Sydney, near Strathfield (limit of 2 per person)

  • +3

    And here's another one


    All the recent boxes from COTD, the legendary 2 printers for $9 deal,
    The best ICONIC sale(bought 6 pair of shoes - 3 are still in box),
    Good Guys gift cards - bought 20 - 3 left,
    24 free movie tickets for a year - 11 left
    Samsung Galaxy Note from Kogan
    Vibrating TDK Headphones Bought 3 - 1 still new
    and a HP Ultrabook Envy i5 Envy 6 for $375 after selling the beats headphones for $125

    and many many other deals which didn't feature in the picture.

    A big Thank You to Ozbargain, and soon I would be an official Hoarder

  • Here my submission!

    Here is my first bargain, the WD essential hard drive 2TB with USB 3.0: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/45784
    The New Ipad was bought quite long after at BigW so i didnt need to line up like other people :P: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/65680
    The next thing would be the Logitech Z506 from The-Good-Guy, i then price match it with OW which turn it down to $58.9 :) http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/71026
    The Xbox 360 bundle following after for around $200, i sold the kinect to my bro for $40. This is my best bargain so far
    The Dell U2412 is 1 one of the most popular deal here, i don't even know why they keep it at $279 for too long. http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/72903
    After see this Mac Pro deal, i immediately sold my old Vaio to take this. Such an impressive price!
    The last thing i bought recently was the Canon 600D from Kogan. It was on sale for $579 and by any reason, i got free shipping which arrive to my door after exactly 2 days! This is the fastest shipment i've ever seen (Even it was a glitch! Lucky me)! And it still not unboxed yet, haha

  • Something a bit different… this is my home pc… my work PC… well that's a different story :)

  • I guess I could enter this one as well!

  • +2

    ok, That is me, well almost… The tv stand and center speaker were not ozbargain purchases - the rest is… not sure what to say - thanks ozbargain ( I think ) Happy 6th Birthday..
    Add some Jerky ( kgs worth from… not gonna mention chiefs name ). Could not find a couple of 1c items from that website (?) - dolphin knife & cable wraps/ties, or the dse handheld radios. Nor any of my freebies ( cost nothing so seem 2 have disappeared ) Lip stuff ( x2, I think it was nivea ) Some sort of dog food ( Smakos - eaten by dog ) and the recent clothes wash sample ( used, and smelt good). $1 day's @ 7/11 - even my daughter ( 5yrs old )now asks when there is going to be another one, not 2 forget byo cup day.
    In the picture…. Samsung 50" plasma, ps3 with play tv , 360 with kinect, dj hero 2 ( bigw @ $25? ) xtra control ( uk ), another kinect( still in box - true ozbargain style - unused ) udraw for 360 + multiple games ( some sealed & unused ) 4 x 3 months xbox live ( from dse - probably my fav purchase, as dse refunded the total cost @ .05c + $9.95 postage ) z603 speakers ( @ $104 inc del - after ow price beat on jbhi ) , juicer ( myer 15% off ), parker pens ( my own post ) Acer laptop ( my own post ), Can of dustawy from dse( my own post ) Prism kite ( my own post ), pioneer amp, Samsung 3d glasses ( 2 used + 2 nib - unused ), Ipad ( got 10% off @ myer - then further 10% off with trs ) fuji Camera ( HN bogof ) multiple memory cards ( uk ) & usb stix, 2 x 4g multimedia players ( dse ) 2 x headphone ( 1 tdk from dse- was it like $5 from memory, 1 x sennheiser - from uk ) King of shave stuff ( 50% off ) g27 ( dse @ $139 )kopparberg ( dan's @ $30 ) epson wf630 printer ( dse @ $99 ) Hoselink ( ned kelly pack - bought more since )3 x blue ray box sets ( waiting on F&F 1-5 from zavvi ) Asus graphic card, tefal actifry ( amazon uk ) wii fit board, iPhone 5 ( pre order @ kogan )….
    Hi, My name is Alon, and I have not bought anything from ozbargin 2day.

    • Speakers are actually Z623 ;)
      My pair are looking me in the face.

      • Typo:)

    • jesus!

  • My entry:

    Items in clockwise order from top left:
    Samsung 1TB and 500GB portable drive
    XBox360 controller with PC adapter
    Logitech MK260 Keyboard and mouse from the 100% off Logitech special
    Logitech Laptop cooler from the same sale as above
    Banana from Melbourne Central banana give away when they were something like $13kg
    Wilson golf clubs I only found out about from a poster here on OZB
    Footy from Sport special last year
    AD700 headphones

    And bordering all that is my Dell U2311H :D

    Disclaimer: Banana may or may not be the actual banana i got from that specific deal ;)

    Happy 6th Birthday OZB! This was fun to do.

  • +1

    Here's my submission:
    (Photo taken on the day of the sale.)

    Lined up nice and early for the Dick Smith Closing down sale, and scored the only 2 X-box 360's they had left in store for $100 each. Old models though - one was a delivery order that was cancelled and the other had its controller battery missing.

    Story was: About 6-7th in line; store opened and everybody dashed like mad to the aisles. Friend of mine was smart and advised that we go straight to the counter instead - avoiding the crowd gone mad in the aisles. We just requested for the X-boxes which we knew were probably kept at the back, as opposed to in the empty boxes people were fighting over. As the first in queue, staff was (still, and unknowingly) super friendly and got them out for us, and we both ended up with the only 2 consoles they had in the entire store! Proceeded to leave store at 8:05am.

    Only time I ever felt what it was like to win an OzB lottery! =D

    Many thanks to this site and all its contributors - mods and members,
    I love this community.

    Happy 6th Birthday OzBargain!

  • +5

    Howdy crew,

    Here is the photo of myself (2nd guy in the line from the left holding Starburst), in line for the $2 Samsung Galaxy S2.


    They conveniently snapped the photo right when a pretty sheila was rushing past us, while us men appear to be eye-googling out a bargain.

    I am still using the $2 S2 (with my half price XL battery from the Telstra shop - listed on OzBargain)

  • +1

    My Photo:


    Happy hubby after I surprised him with the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Black after seeing this deal on OzBargain from Unique Mobiles offering Free Shipping!


  • My Photos

    My Great Wall Of Ozbargain

    • Too much hungry jacks free shake and win offers (This doesn't even measure how many freebies I got from HJ), KFC vouchers, load of other freebies!!! /brbneedtodiet
      -2x OMEGA FISH OIL LOL and the Calcium (which i'm still taking to this day daily) and bodybuilding.com (Orbi measuring tape + 2 shirts) free postage deal
      -FREE 1.25L PEPSI next woolies deal.
    • FREE OLAY makeup cream + head massager thing I bought for 15c + JUNK. Got heaps more but it's either already down my body or given away as a presents…
      Got the KLM airline passport tag (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/73750) under that disgusting BLK sample black water.

    Gotta be thankful for the ozbargain spirit though - Got so much freebies from fastfoods, countless 6inch subways + spammed those free 2x whoppers free tipping during those months at the three hungry jacks outlets from home and to the CBD for uni each and everyday.. yep a very broden act here :P) - atkin bars and endless reviews on items throughout all the deals.


    This is another photo I am not proud of. Woke up 6am for the biggest dick'ed smith sale in sefton park SA. Huge lineup with no stock.

  • +1

    My entry: http://upload.ozbargain.com/2012/10/25/9657_img_1266-001.jpg

    It's a bit of a different take on what being an OzBargainer means - sometimes it's not (just) about what you can get, but (also) what you can give, and the people you meet along the way. This is a photo of me and the 25 other people who came along to the inaugural OzBargain Brisbane meetup that I organised (with a bit of help from some mods).

    The OzBargain name is not in that shot, but can be seen in the first photos of my event album on dropbox. My username is actually in the photo, but I've pixelated it and other names that were visible in the original shot.

  • My Creative OzBargain Photo Entry:


    I got the free Baby & Toddler Sample Bag from Coles via this link: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/82423. It was a great post!


  • Worth a shot!
    Something different.

  • 2 more days to go! I've uploaded most photos onto our Facebook album:


    Do submit yours quickly rather than leaving to the last minute :)

  • Thank you OzB and the community for saving me money so I can continue to pay the rent!
    Happy six years!!!


  • Okay I'm the last minute kind of person so here's my own submission :)


    "Being an OzBargainer" to me pretty much means working on OzBargain everyday these days. Here is a show of my "workbench" with many gears bought from sales I spotted on OzBargain (including the Galaxy Nexus phone I used to take the photo).

  • Ok a little late but better than never


    • Where's the Doctor?

  • Happy 6th Birthday OzB!


    Back story on the helmet with the dragon wing: waited over an hour to get a free customized painted helmet http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/53506.

    • I feel like I'm setting myself up for a bad punchline but what's the significance of the parrot?

    • I've just got another person emailing me a photo, but later on retracting, as he thought it was a general photo competition…

  • Hey scotty,

    My sister, My cat and my loot from the ben and jerry all you can carry Promo, Got all this for just $20!

  • +7

    As it's now 1st of November (ADST time), submission is now closed. Me and a few moderators will try to work out the winners sometime today, will announce here, and will contact the winners about the prize.

    Thanks to all who participated!

  • Oh noooooo. I missed this..

  • We've picked the winners..


    Congratulations to oanh for taking the top prize, keano1989 for 2nd, and cassyip for 3rd. For those that entered, a free t-shirt is on it's way. Just got to figure out the logistics of sending out the t-shirts so we'll contact you.

    See the pictures on our blog, our Facebook album or above.

    • +1

      YAY! Thanks!

    • Thanks Neil and Scotty!

    • Thanks Neil and Scotty!

  • Thanks so much ozbargain!!

    • +2

      Can't stand baby photos but this entry put a huge smile on my face. Congrats oanh! :D

      • +3

        Thanks =D child exploitation for purpose of winning a competition a success!

  • Cool, was gonna ask where does one get a shirt from - problem solved :) Thank you!

  • +3

    Congrats oanh.

    I hope the baby wasnt bought or gotten free from a ozb deal!

  • +1

    Well done oanh,

    Beautiful photo in true ozbargain style…..?

  • epic thread is epic

  • +2

    Anywhere I can find a baby at a bargain price before the next photo competition? ;)

    Congrats on winning oanh! Cutie pie picture.

  • Congrats to the winners. Are we having anymore competitions? I want to try and win Lol

    • Yep. We plan to having some more soon. Stay tuned.

  • I got my shirt today

    many thanks ozbargain

    • +1

      Me too and it fits me perfectly! Thanks Ozbargain!

  • +1

    loving the shirt! Thanks!!

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