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Amazon AU

Warranty Situation When Buying Electronics from Amazon US through Amazon AU

I've considered buying computer components from Amazon US through Amazon AU but have been put off by potentially ending up with a dud with no support. Searching online, I can't find a …


PSA: Possible Data Breach for Nintendo Accounts

There's have been reports of suspicious attempted login for Nintendo Switch owners and some purchases of Fortnite V-bucks without authorisation. Nintendo recommends removing payment details …

[PS4, XB1] Agents of Mayhem $1 + Delivery/Free C&C @ JB Hi-Fi

out of stock [PS4, XB1] Agents of Mayhem $1 + Delivery/Free C&C @ JB Hi-Fi

Amazon AU

Amazon Refunding $29.99 for PlayStation 4 Purchase

Today I got the following email Hello, We wanted to let you know that we're reducing the price for your order <REDACTED>, which includes PlayStation 4 500GB Fortnite …

What Features Do You Consider Important When Choosing a Gaming Monitor?

I've been considering purchasing a gaming monitor for some time but I'm having trouble deciding which to buy. I've been researching features but I would like to hear the opinions and …

Humble Bundle

Humble Monthly to Become Humble Choice (New Pricing Tiers and Benefits)

It appears Humble Monthly is changing. The new service includes adding some new perks and different pricing tiers and allowing you to choose games from a selection. The new service includes the …