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Flybuys / Coles Spend X Get Bonus Points - Prepaid Mobile Cards Allowed?

I need to spend some target in one shop for a good bonus flybuys points…. Does mobile prepaid cards qualify? Per the email, it says "$xxx transaction excludes purchases of all gift …


Anybody Else Facing Mynrma Ampol Discount Issues?

Anybody else facing issues with the AMPOL 5c discount not scanning in the mynrma app? Spent almost 5 mins trying to get it to work, but the kind lady at the counter gave me a manual …

Everyday Rewards

Where Can I Use $10 off Fuel via Woolworths Rewards?

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I recently signed up to Origin gas and got 10,000 bonus woolworths rewards points. And this has automatically converted to $50 off in my account. I …

$15 off for Purchases above $60 at Catch

expired $15 off for Purchases above $60 at Catch

Free Shipping @ Dymocks

expired Free Shipping @ Dymocks


Is Low to Middle Income Earner Offset Automatically Calculated?

I'm trying to figure out how much I will get back from ATO (if any) and i'm using this calculator https://www.ato.gov.au/Calculators-and-tools/Host/?anchor=In... on Page 2 - it says to …

[VIC] ULP 98 $1.299 @ 7-Eleven, Hoppers Crossing

expired [VIC] ULP 98 $1.299 @ 7-Eleven, Hoppers Crossing

New Balance

Expired Deal Although Deal Was Still Active?

Please take a look at this comment - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/7190449/redir The deal was showing as already expired although it was expiring midnight that day (I knew because I went into …

Public Transport Victoria

Myki card now available for Android users

I know this isn't exactly a freebie, but for folks new to Melbourne (and visitors) with an (newish) Android phone, there is no more a requirement to buy a $6 Myki card. more details …

[VIC] 5 Free Rides (up to $15) @ Ola Cabs

expired [VIC] 5 Free Rides (up to $15) @ Ola Cabs

What to Do with Myki Found on Road?

I found a myki on my way to work near a trash can. Being the cheap ozbargainer I am i picked it up and had to first thoroughly clean it due to the dirt sticking on it. Then I first wanted to see if …


Do OzB Referrals (under Member Profile) Work?

I"m very curious whether companies really honour our referrals. Because I have a whole bunch of referrals and I can see a lot of clicks. However, I receive very little rewards. Example - I did …


Telstra thanks Movie Tickets not working for me

I'm getting this error message - Not eligible Sorry, we couldn’t identify you as an eligible Telstra Customer. You must have an active Telstra service to access offers in the Telstra Thanks® …

Your referral code has expired

Your referral code for Booking.com has expired. It was entered on 2017-05-08 and clicked 17 times. If the code is still current, please enter it in again. What does this mean and why do I have to …

Free Security Engineering Course by UNSW

expired Free Security Engineering Course by UNSW

Overseas License Verification Taking Too Long in Victoria

TLD;R - Overseas license verification moving at snail's pace. Complaining to Vicroads doesn't help. Will I get relief if I reach out to Ombdusman? Long story. I moved into Victoria in …

TigerAir Sales from Singapore to Bangkok $58

expired TigerAir Sales from Singapore to Bangkok $58

Dettol 750 ML for $9.99 @ Coles

expired Dettol 750 ML for $9.99 @ Coles


Buy 2 for less price than 1 item

So, I went to my local woolies where they were selling CFL bulbs — 1 (2 pack) for $10.49 and 2 (2 pack) for $10 After I reached home, I saw that I made a mistake in buying the correct type …