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YouTube Playback Quality Issues?

Hi all. Laat few days Youtube has been crap on my PC. It defaults to 480p no matter what and when i change the quality to HD it says unsupported or can't playback at this setting or …

How much is an Accountant? (For Businesses)

Hi all, Just wondering what people pay each year for an accountant. Me: company, only 1 director and no employees. Service based, 5 clients who are invoiced monthly. No sales, no stock. I do …

iPhone Cables/Chargers HELP

Hi, my children now all have IPHONES of varying degrees. The charger situation is getting crazy, apparently one phone didnt even come with a charger and the others use different cables i …

Any Cheaper VW 507 Oil than This?

Anyone seen it cheaper? $10 per Litre. Could go 20l if needed. Thanks

Which iPhone for $1k

Hi all, my youngest Son 15yo has been happy with hand me down phones etc. But never had an iphone and now he wants one. Old phone ia broken, its his own money from working. I have tried to talk him …

Looking to Buy a Fridge Not Made in China

Hi all, Looking to buy a fridge/freezer that is not made in CHINA or CHINESE owned ie: Fisher and Paykel Any ideas? Thanks

Suitable Action Cam for Track Car?

Hi all, Looking for an Action Camera or Normal for use in a Track car (tarmac). Ozbargained. Do I need an actual action cam? This Thanks

Smart Watch value 4 money?

Hi all, ANDROID. Looking for a robust smart watch for my wife. Not interested in the fitness side, mainly the phone functionality. Just so she doesn't have to lug her phone around all the …

MMS? via Android

Hi all, I just use the standard SMS app on ky LG. I'm trying to send a GIF 4.7mb. It says file size too large. How do i send it as an MMS? Apparently the size ia ok via that. Or i could be …

PC Constantly Mutes

Hi all, as of a few days ago, the PC Windows 10, constantly mutes itself. Tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling, changing what APPS can access audio controls etc. Nothing is working. Any …

4k vid or still Camera?

Hi, which produces a better video? 4k video camera or a 4k stills camera? Also which would be better In low light ie: room/s at night with a lamp or 2 on. Thanks.

Gaming Keyboard advice

Hi, My son had a Razor Black widow silent key board. Returned to Amazon today as the keys were doing random commands. Looking for a replacement around $150 or so. Any other options? Thanks.

COLD Thermos 1l or above?

Hi, Looking for a good thermos to keep cold water cold. I have one of those Corona Island life things and a SISTEMA one, both are Garbage. Any feedback? Thanka.

nbn Business Fibre Zones

Hi, Juat seen this story. Rang my ISP but they only do residential plans. Anyone have any more info on this? Thanks.

Alcohol Gift Ideas $75 each thereabouts UPDATE

Hi all, Thought i would start early for Christmas. 2 Alcohol related presents needed. Looking for wine and beer for 2 business clients who have put a lot of work through my company. One is a bit …

Crack 'n' Sack Shaver

Hi all. What is everyone using for a Crack 'n' Sack shaver. The old Braun electric was good, it never cut you, but would get ingrown hairs from it. The Panasonic Electric cuts, it's …

Joining MTS video?

Hi Anyone know how to (free) join multiple MTS video files together to form 1 video? Thanks.


Transfer YouTube Subs/Playlists?

Hi, I have multiple playlists i have created in my YouTube account that everyone in the household uses and subscriptions. My wife has just received FREE Youtube premium. How can i transfer (easiest …

SoundPEATS Truengine SE Still the GO?

Hi all, Looking for some Bluetooth earbuds. Are the SoundPEATS Truengine SE still the GO fo value for money? Any other options? Thanks.

Injured on the job self employed

Hi all, Nrief rundown. I have a company and i am the sole director. My wife and i work the business (service providers) and pay ourselves at the end of the year. Today she hurt herself at a …


PayPal funds received dodgy?

Hi, Juat received some money via Paypal. Place called "Emergence Ink" has sent it. Obviously an error or is it some scam? Should i hit refund? Thanks

EGO Lawn care price

Hi, Anyone know any EGO dealers who will budge on price? Total spend will be nearly $3k. All my locals won't budge. Bit like Tyre shops. Cheers.

Dehumidifier Recommendation for Bedroom

Hi all, Looking for a dehumidifier for the kids bedroom. Any suggestions. Thanks.

Monitor for this system?

Hi all, purchased this for my son after years of nagging. Now looking for a Monitor. Is this …

Where to Find Korean Fried Chicken in NSW?

Where can I get chicken cooked like this in NSW? I love watching these Korean street food vids.

Minimum Specs for Max Performance

Hi all, What's the minimum specs required to run the latest games at max settings? Looking to try and get a wholele set up (kb, Mouse, Monitor, PC and Windows) for $2k or under if at all …

Barefoot Telecom

BAREFOOT Telecom Price Increase

Hi all, Just received an email from mi ISP (Barefoot) FTTP. After reducing the price of my 100/40 unlimited plan a year or so ago from $99 per month down to $79. They just sent an email and advised …

Amazon AU

Amazon 40% off voucher

Hi, purchased some headphones of Amazon the other day. They arrived today along with a business card which says 40% off your next order. The card has an email address for contact and nothing else …

Which Sound PEATS?

Hi, My son needs some new ear phones. I see Sound Peats have ok reviews. Which version should i get? Bang for Buck. Or alternatives? Thanks.

Tool Box SALES

Hi, Looking for a toolbox for my son's birthday. Prefer roller cab or workbenck trolley style ie: I have seen them online but …

PS4 Chat Cable

Hi all, trying to find a PS4 CHAT cable for a Turtle Beach XP500 or can a generic version be used? Thanks.

I Need a Torch

Hi, I am looking for a torch, just general household use. Obviously OZB approved bargain. Any ideas? Thanks.

Catch Fitness

Is this site - legit?

I get these every now and then. Being chinese should be enough of a warning. Legit? Thanks

Surprise Price Match Bargain

Went into a store today, set on a price match of $325 for an item after researching prices for 30 minutes before arriving.. In the store i forgot my phone (android) and asked my son to quickly …

New Sound Card or Headphones?

Hi all, my son is in need of a PC communication device. He had aome headphones with mic but the new puppy has chewed through the cord. I have an old never used Turtlebeach PX5 headphones. …


KOGAN Used Mobiles

Hi all, Looking at Samsung Note 8 and 9's on the Kogan site. They appear to sell uses phones from multiple suppliers all with varying grades of quality and warranty. Anyone purchased one of …


WOOLIES daily Bargain

I don't normally post my daily bargains from my local Woolies. But from Today I'll post what is the best bargain. PS: I threw out the BOX from the Sara Lee Premium …

NBA Singlets, Where to BUY?

Hi, My youngest Son has started to get into basketball and apparently needs a singlet to perform at his best. Where can i get NBA (Raptors) singlet from, obviously legit. Thanks.


Is This Site Legit? (

My son is onto me about this site: and some Halloween sale. Is it legit? Thanks.

Beer/Spirits for Christmas Gift

Hi all, Would like to get (for a client) some alcohol for a group of Senior tradies and female office staff. (Surprise). They all drink, but i didnt take notice last Christmas function as to what …

iPhone USED HELP Choosing?

Hi, I haven't been into Iphones since the 4s. My son on the other hand has to have them (different argument). Anyway, he needs a new phone. So i am looking on Gumtree etc for a used one (around …

Samsung Tab 4s Camera Eqiv in Mobile?

Hi all, I currently have a LG v30+, previous s8+, HTC 10, Sony z3 etc. My mum has a tablet, Samsung Tab 4s and the photos it takes (point and shoot) are better than anything i have ever seen. What …

WET/Dry VAC, What to get?

HI, Looking for a WET/DRY Vac that can take some abuse. Mainly builders waste ie: Plaster, gyprock off cuts, nails, screws. Also outdoor stuff like leaves dirt etc? I have a back pack at the …

New for Old Insurance?

Hi ll, ordered a new vehicle and looking at Insurance. Has anyone ever had a New for Old claim? Any issues. Thanks.

New Phone to Replace Samsung S8+

Hi all, My wife's Samsung s8+ has a cracked screen and she is looking for a replacement around $500 or less. I could give her my v30+ and i get the new phone, anyway, what do people …

Commonwealth Bank

Credit Card Fraud

My son just received an SMS message (1 month later) that his CBA credit card was over it's limit ($2000), he thought that was strange as he hasn't used it for 2 years. Checked online via …

Health Fund for Shoulder Surgery?

Hi all, Looking for a health fund that allows the shortest wait times and coverage (amount paid) for shoulder surgery and dental. Thanks.

Unrestrained child, accident today

Surprised this doesn't happen more often, or it's just not reported as much (Takata recall) may have upped the ante. I …

Sony 4K Action or GoPro?

Hi all, Looking for the best value for money camera for motorsport …