OzBargain 2014 Members' Monthly Awards

Starting from 2014 we are bringing back our regular competitions — well, we prefer to call them awards as recognitions for outstanding members. The focus should be on activities that benefit the entire OzBargain community, rather than a contest that to keep oneself at the top by pushing down others. Throughout this year we will be awarding prizes every month. We might be focusing on different criteria each month to highlight different achievements and awarding different users. Sorry we won't reveal our monthly criteria.

Then at the end of this year we'll be having annual award event, similar to what we had last year. That's when we bring out the big prizes and selecting our OzBargainer of the year.


There will be 3 awards every month, which would be $100 in the form of gift card or PayPal credit.

  • cheezal
  • tightarse
  • mattgal
  • tightarse
  • tonester
  • Wickzki49
  • drbuckyballs
  • theearth
  • waterlogged turnip
  • silent01
  • tightarse
  • markis10
  • tightarse
  • altomic
  • transport
  • tightarse
  • drb
  • k
  • tightarse
  • rekabkram
  • tonka
  • ahly92
  • tightarse
  • donga100
  • tightarse
  • TRENT86
  • hamza23
  • salman679
  • donga100
  • tightarse
  • rosern
  • James030609
  • TRENT86
  • roshanrbb
  • Spackbace
  • TRENT86


  • +10
    January 2014

    We'll kick start our awards for January 2014 simple and straight forward, looking at deals posted. The three winners are:

    • cheezal for his $1.40 McDonald's McFlurry post that broke OzBargain's vote counter. Never had we had a deal with more than 1,000 votes. Definitely the most popular deal last month — of all time in fact.

    • tightarse for getting most deals featured on front page in January 2014 — 25 front-page deals with average vote 75. His most popular deal in January is Macca's $0.30 cheeseburger. See the pattern here? Yet another food deal. McDonald's again. So for the 3rd prize this month we are looking for the next highest voted Food & Grocery deals

    • mattgal for posting MasterFoods Sample Herbs & Spices from PINCHme (+216 votes), mattgal is actually PINCHme's #1 fan on OzBargain.
      Believe it or not, Food & Grocery was actually the most posted category in January, probably due to less sales after Christmas. Whereas December was full of deals in the Electrical, Fashion & Gaming category.

    That's it for January 2014, and I'll be back in this thread announcing the next set of winners next month. Meanwhile we do have a competition going on — post your Valentine's Day message. Give that a go.

  • +12

    I'm absolutely stoked! This is definitely something I didn't expect. Thanks Scotty, and more importantly, thanks to the entire OzBargain community, especially those that up-voted my deals.

    I only do this coz I love saving you guys a few dollars. So much so in fact, I missed out on a $20 Westfield Card because I waited until after my post to try and get one! How dumb is that!

    You guys are all amazing. I hope I can keep coming up with more great deals.

    Happy OzBargaining… TA

    • +2

      So much so in fact, I missed out on a $20 Westfield Card because I waited until after my post to try and get one! How dumb is that!

      That wasn't being a martyr, that was just plain crazy. lol

    • +1

      well deserved TA!!! :)

    • +1

      Great work tightarse,

      Keep em coming.

    • Good on you TA you Deserve this mate.

    • especially those that up-voted my deals.

      We only did because they were so GOOD TA. you are an awesome asset to the community man.

  • +8

    Great work scotty. A nice reward for Ozbargainers who give back to the community. A great way to let people know their work is greatly appreciated.

  • +2

    Ah cheers! Glad I could help save a few pennies!

  • woohoo! first time i've won anything in my entire life. thanks scotty!

  • +4
    February 2014

    Sorry guys the February members' awards came a bit late. For last month, the winners are:

    • tightarse for his deal of the month, $0.01 credit card sized LED lamp ($0.02 if you couldn't get the exchange rate right, $1.02 if you forgot to uncheck insurance from delivery options). It's actually tightarse's first deal of the month win — after 630 deals. Congratulations!

    • tonester for his sheer number of contributions to OzBargain this month. Most deals posted (40), 2nd most commented (286, still less than 1/2 of jv's comments though), reports and edits as a Power User, etc. Thanks!

    For February Food and Grocery are still the most contributed category. However Gaming has always been in the top 3 month after month. I've noticed that there seems to be a large gaming community here at OzBargain, especially those who appreciate cheap games and enjoy empowering other cheap gamers. So I decided that the last February prize would be given by the best game deals poster of the month —

    For those on Steam, don't forget to join OzBargain group there. Any one wants to set up equivalent for Xbox Live and PSN?

    • +1

      It's funny what happens when you don't check your e-mail. :) Oh well.

      Sorry I missed this, Scotty. However, thank you.

  • +1

    Thanks Scotty and thanks to the fantastic OzBargain community. Peace out.

  • +2

    thanks scotty and ozbargainers - didn't realise i was spending so much (too much?!) time here…

    looking forward to tightarse's hat-trick :)

  • +1

    Congrats TA- you definitely deserve it :-)

  • Might need to up the award amount as competition is hotting up:

    This could be your BIG PAYOFF for all that hard "work"! We’re looking to find Australia's Best Online Shopper over the next 5 weeks and give that person $5000 to spend on whatever he/she wants!


    How do you get to be known as Australia's best online shopper and win $5000?

    Find a hot deal online.
    Submit it to Click Mania via the form at right.
    Repeat steps 1 and 2 - the more great deals, the more your chances of winning.
    The individual who submits the best collection of most popular deals, as judged by Click Mania, will win $5000 online shopping spending money!

    • +2

      Sorry we can't price match that :)

  • +3
    March 2014

    Competition winners for March 2014. Again, 3 members, $100 gift card each. Here we go.

    • drbuckyballs for his deal of the month 30% off The Good Guys on eBay posted last week. That got him the most clicks of the month as well — over nineteen thousand! Originally a 4-day sale got shortened to less than a day. Also great to see generally good service from TGG. Gotta say that it's probably the best deal so far this year.

    • theearth as most front-paged user. 87 deals posted in March, 28 of them landed on the front page with average vote 67.46. Deal Generator is back.

    • waterlogged turnip as most contributed user in comments. 210 comments posted in March (equal 3rd, still far behind jv though) but tops in the number of positively-voted comments (28 +5 and 9 +15 comments).


    • +2

      Well done guys! Nice work and well deserved :)

      • +1

        Sorry you missed hatrick tightarse..:)

        • +5

          Just glad to contribute. Awards are a bonus if they come. Cheers.

        • Thats the spirit..wish i can give you more than one +ve.

    • +1

      Thanks again Scotty! Real surprise there. Feel quite unworthy being a newbie here and all too lol.

      Most grateful anywhoo. It'll go towards the best OzBargains :) Congrats to drbuckyballs and theearth too!

  • +8

    April 2014

    Time gone fast and a third of 2014 has already passed! Here are the winners for last month:

    • silent1 for his deal on Newegg now ships to Australia. It might be the news that a lot of people have been waiting for (myself included). However when you actually add up the postage Amazon might still come up cheaper (if they do ship to Oz). Nevertheless, more competition the better.

    • tightarse again for posting the most front-page deals last month. My stats shows 45 out of 51 deals he posted reached front-page averaging +91.58 votes. That's quite an achievement. TA has also won 3 monthly awards out of 4 so far this year.

    • markis10 for his $100 TigerAir Vouchers deal. It was the most popular deal in the Travel category and is still on-going. The next round starts on 9 May — make sure you are ready!


    • +2

      Thanks Scotty and thanks OzBargainers. Hopefully a few people saved some $$ along the way. TA.

    • Well done everyone. Need to figure out what to do with my $100 Tiger vouchers.

      • +2


        Btw, TA you can quit your day job (if you have one). Looks like OzB will be your stable ongoing income source. Be ready for tax time :P

    • Wow, thanks everyone.
      Didn't think my first deal would be bring me this far. (Second deal technically since my first was deleted.)

    • Well done everyone.

  • +1

    Dear moderator sir - Can we highlight the achievements of members obtaining the prestigious "OzBargain 2014 Members' Monthly Awards" by placing a medal next to their name, like that done with "L" & "P" members? The community can then easily see the top of the top contributors whilst hunting down their next bargain. I suggest the medal runs over the last 3 months, so a super-duper-trooper could get up to 3 medals beside their name.

    Love your work cheezal, tightarse, mattgal, tonester, Wickzki49, drbuckyballs, theearth, waterlogged turnip, silent01 & markis10!!!

    • All the award winners will get this badge.

      • Can this be back awarded for the 2013 awards?

  • +6
    May 2014

    Here are the winners for May 2014.

    • tightarse — yes again and we aren't tired of his well-researched deals yet. Here's TA's stats for May 2014: 61 deals with +66 votes average, 50 of them got featured on the front page, with most voted on the Entertainment ($0 TuneIn Pro for iOS), Internet (Dropbox 3GB Free) and "Other" (Scoopon B'day Sale) categories. Well done!

    • altomic — who would have thought that the top deal in May came from Aliexpress? On a 14-years-old handset?! But the Nokia 3301 deal was somehow a big hit with 600+ votes at the moment. People buying these for the impending zombie apocalypse?

    • transport — a new user on L-plate, but shared a deal (MYER Friends and Family Sale) that got +234 votes, received the most number of clicks last month (31,300+, which translates to ~5.5GB downloads of that PDF file) and actually managed to post it 1 minute before the MYER store rep.


    It's going to be a busy month here at OzBargain as we would be tracking all the up coming End of Financial Year sales. We have also recently started a new Competitions section allowing our users and store reps to share or announce their competitions. Yes neil has been doing most the postings there. Maybe some award would be giving out to a contributor to that part of OzBargain next month hint hint :)

    • +3

      Ahh, that explains the enthusiasm of one particular competition poster! I entered quite a few myself, hopefully I "get lucky".

  • +2

    Congrats TA :-)

  • +1

    Cheers Scotty. And congrats to altomic & transport.

  • +4
    June 2014

    We have been running this monthly award for 6 months now, and the winners for June are:

    Congratulations to all!

    • +4

      Overwhelmed. Thank you.

      And great work drb, k and everyone else that contributes to this magnificent site!

  • +1

    Congrats TA, drb & k :-)

  • Wow! Congrats to you guys and all the other contributors! If only your exploits were highlighted on the Deals page where all users could see that you are awesome contributors to ozb. Unfortunately, on the Deals page Store Reps get more acknowledgement than you guys do! You have to stumble upon the obscure 'badges' link to see your awesomeness. Good job well done you guys!

  • +6

    July 2014

    Last month was surprisingly quite a busy month for OzBargain. I would think that after a busy EoFY June, July would be quieter but no, it was actually our busiest month so far. Here are some of honourable members of this wonderful community — who not only worked hard sharing the best deals, but also provided helpful hands in the comments and in the forums.

    Congratulations to all!

    • +1

      Cheers Scotty and everyone at who help keep Ozbargain going and thanks to everyone who hopefully enjoyed the deal.

    • Thanks again Scotty and everyone else who participates and benefits from this fabulous site.

    • +4

      Yay for tonka! haha

      but congrats to all :)

  • +3

    Thanks lol, definately a group effort.
    Nothing near the work put in by tightarse (the dealfinder bot) and some others though.
    Thanks from me for Neil for all the work on the comps which are fun.
    And thanks of course to Scotty for being the Ozbargain visionary.

  • +9

    August 2014

    Drum rolls please for our monthly award winners for August 2014:

    • ahly92 for posting the most popular freebie in August, Free USB/Lightning Cable from Koga. Yes a Kogan offer that actually received the most votes (+1191) and most clicks (21k+) although the free cable won't be delivered until end of September.

    • tightarse for being the star of OzBargain again this month with his amazing stats — 54 deals posted, 50 of them got onto front page, average +113 votes, 346 comments (less than 1/2 of how many jv has posted, but still great achievement) and 7 competitions.

    • donga100 for posting this comment suggesting how Australia's tightest family could have been even tighter.


    We are also looking at giving away more awards each month until Christmas — constructive comments, good forum posts, popular competitions, etc. Bring them on!

    • +1

      Thanks Scotty! I was excited just to see I had earned a new badge when I logged on this afternoon. Felt even better once I realised I had won $100 too. :)

      Congrats to TA and ahly92 too. I claimed that Kogan cable pretty early so I might actually receive it and I need a spare too, so thanks ahly92. Thanks to TA too for keeping the front page deals ticking over. You must have a team of about 10 people working for you full time searching for deals. Seriously don't know how you find so many.

    • +2

      Thanks scotty, and awesome work from ahly & donga, as well as every other person that has contributed to this wonderful site.

      Your posts/comments/forums/competitions help make this the best one-stop bargain shop in the world - no question.

    • +1

      can we get a moderate extension on the timeframe allowed to upvote comments? 30 days seems so small…

      • Comment votes are indication of how this community react to the comment at the time of posting. 30 days is already excess IMHO.

  • +2

    I just noticed this OZbargain award thingy and have to say this community is simply awesome!

    • Yeah, the awards are hidden here. See my previous posts in this thread pleading for recoginition of our monthly star performers!

  • +4

    Congratulations tightarse just came on to see if there was something like this to say thanks for your hard work. I just won a competition that you posted up. I would never had found it myself.

    • That's great. What did you win?

      • +8

        $1000 Irish moss competition. I had a real feeling I was on a winner so I bought a bottle of Irish moss on the last day which doubled the prize. It was great timing I needed a new hot water system and I gave half to my sister who is struggling with her ms symptoms this week.

        • +2

          Congrats! I think that's the biggest win here so far.

        • +4

          P.S. You can now mark competitions you have won by clicking the "I won" button.


        • I have done that- I hope to be able to add a few more "I won" s to the list. Thanks guys.

        • +7

          @neil: I just won a trip to New York for the gone girl movie premiere. I leave on Thursday. I love ozbargain.

        • +1


          Wow! You have some seriously good luck. Well done.

          Just curious, what did you put in for your entry? I think I put in Jurassic Park (couldn't think of anything at the time).

        • +2

          @neil: I'm sure it was better than this but it was along the lines of "fight club- I'd tell you why but the first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club". I got the phone call this afternoon and I leave Thursday.

  • Well done everyone. Awesome work yet again.

  • +6
    September 2014

    Outstanding OzBargain members in September 2014:

    • tightarse — he has done it again, as the bargain hunter of the month! 66 deals posted, 65 of them got onto the front page with +150.70 vote average.

    • TRENT86 — for posting the most deals last month & being a valuable contributor - 123 deals & 506 comments.

    • hamza23 — for posting the competition of the month (Win an iPhone 6 from Forks over Knives) & posted 43 competitions last month.

    • JSQUARED — for being the Power User of the month edited/updated 525 deals and forum posts to fix up errors, clean up formats, etc.

    Congratulations! I'll be sending PMs to claim your prize later today.

    • +3

      Thank you scotty, and well done to everyone!

    • +1

      congrats to the current and former power users - and that guy who seems to always appear on the front page :)

  • +5

    Thanks Scotty :) And Congrats to Everyone else :)

    • +2

      Well done Trent, I reckon you have become an integral member of Ozbargain! I look forward to seeing more of your quality deals in the future!

      • +2

        Oh thanks a lot ShamelessB :) I love to help fellow Aussies save some bucks :)

  • +1

    Top job tightarse, TRENT86, hamza23 & JSQUARED. Well done to all the other deal posters.

  • +7

    October 2014

    For October we are awarding some of our members who have contributed to this community:

    • salman679 for posting the most popular deal in October, Catch of The Day BDAY coupon that gives $8 off on all orders. However what really makes the deal great is not the original post which only has Eneloop and Chromecast (two OzBargainer must-haves), but all the subsequent 60+ edits from 5 other users that compiled a big list of bargains from CoTD.

    • donga100 for posting the most popular competition in October, PayPal 1 million cent instant win. 7.4k+ clicks and 161 entered — probably the most popular competition posted on OzBargain so far and quite a few OzBargain winners.

    • tightarse for having most front-page deals. In fact only 3 out of his 57 deals posted in October didn't get onto front page. The vote average is +115 — that includes 10 Amazon free eBook deals (+129 average) and 14 Udemy course deals (+111 average).

    • rosern for being very helpful providing information to another OzBargainer on car contract related legal issues. Really appreciate the wealth of knowledge some possess and are willing to share that knowledge.

    That's it for October.

    • +3

      Thanks Scotty and congrats to the other winners.

    • +2

      Thanks Scotty/oz bargain and congrats to all winners.

  • +4

    Thanks again scotty - and well done salman, donga & rosern :)

    • You dropped your game in March!!

      • OzBargain's resident travel agent needs to take a holiday sometimes.

  • +1

    Another great month you guys. Thanks for your efforts.

  • +11

    November 2014

    Here is a quick list of winners from last month:

    • James030609 for posting the most popular deal in November. The $1 Slazenger deal is still going and how many of you bought 100 of them to qualify free shipping?

    • JSQUARED for posting the most popular competition in November. I guess everyone would have their inbox filled with Domino's pizza and garlic bread voucher by now. Even I have won.

    • TRENT86 for posting the most deals last month (114, with vote average +26.50). However we must congratulate him for his next achievement — he has posted more comments than jv in November (604 vs jv's 587).

    Well. I have only picked 3 winners for last month — actually our stats generator did the picking. We will have our annual members' award in two weeks looking at some of our most awesome OzBargainers this year. Here is what we had last year. Stay tuned.

    • +2

      Well done to you all. Well deserved!

    • +2

      Congrats Trent, you really deserve it for all your quality bargains and help you give Ozbargainers on a daily basis :)

  • +1

    TA cleaning up!!

  • +1

    Thanks guys and congrats to JJ & James- Great work guys :)

  • +10

    December 2014

    The final monthly award from last year, from the stats generated from December. Here are the winners:

    • roshanrbb for posting last month's most popular deal. I took have watched it from my Google Play account. Awful movie though IMHO. Interestingly 4 out of 5 most popular "deals" from last month are freebies. In fact posting freebies has got higher probability of getting onto the front page.

    • Spackbace for posting the 2nd most popular competition last month. The most popular one was JSQUARED's Optus instant win but I have already awarded him in the annual award a week or so ago. With competitions the most popular ones seem to be instant wins — no lucky draw, no 25-words to write, etc.

    • TRENT86 for being generally awesome in December. 115 deals, 51 of them getting onto front page and 761 comments — 21% more than jv!

    Congratulations! For January 2015, I would be posting the winners in a new thread.

    • +1

      Thanks Scotty! and congratulation to all winners. never expected that the deal would be that great!

    • Wow thanks Scotty! Totally unexpected! I didn't win anything in that comp but it was great to see so many winners :)

      And congrats to all the winners :)

    • Congratulations to the winners.

      Scotty, would you please post a comment in this thread with a link to the 2015 winners thread, just in case anyone forgets to check the new discussions page.

  • +3

    Thanks Scotty & Team :) and congrats to roshanrbb & Spackbace :) It was a big month with lots of good deals from our Aussie retailers.

    Happy New Year Everyone, let 2015 have bigger and better Bargains :)

  • +1

    Congratulations everyone. Well deserved.

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