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Costs for New House Build

Hi all I'd like to explore the possibility of building my own house. I don't have a block of land, all I know is how much money I have to spend. My question is, where do I get information …

28 Degrees Card

28 Degrees Price Protection - Is Google Store Covered?

Keen on buying from Google store. Does anyone know if this is considered Australian store? Reason is I'd like to claim price differences in the future but unsure if Google store is a permitted …

[NSW] Free Coffee at Bitter & Twisted (St Leonards)

expired [NSW] Free Coffee at Bitter & Twisted (St Leonards)

JB Hi-Fi

Tips for Discounts at JB HI-FI

Hello all I know a lot of these "hacks" are pretty obvious to most people, but I came across this and thought I should share …

Replacement for Pocket Weather app shutting down

Hi everyone When I clicked in to check the weather on my android pocket weather app, I noticed a msg saying it was being shutdown end of this year. I've been using this app for ages (thanks to …


What's your favourite Connoisseur ice cream flavour?

Keen to try some flavours I haven't tried before, but don't want to buy duds. Give us your opinion!

Win a Free Coffee ($4) or Free Lunch ($10) from Hey You

closed Win a Free Coffee ($4) or Free Lunch ($10) from Hey You

  • Prize pool $94,400.00
  • In Person
  • Purchase

Good (Educational) Apps for Infant

I'm looking for some good educational apps for my infant who is around 2 years old. can someone recommend any ? My infant loves youtube so Im trying to find something they will get more out of. …


Screen Protector for Huawei P20 Pro

With so many P20 pro deals here, I'm sure many of you have this phone. My stock screen protector is peeling off pretty badly and want to get a good decent one at a reasonable price. Can anyone …


Recommendation for Bluetooth Earphones for Phone Calls

Hi All I'm looking for a good pair of bluetooth earphones for phone calls and music. Im generally on the phone a lot for work teleconferences (often 3-4 hours a day) so most importantly want …

Car Servicing - Time or KMs?

Hi all Long story short, bought a Subaru a year ago but driven very little KMs on it. Service interval is supposed to be 12,500km or 6 months. I havent reached the KM milestone for servicing, …

Question about Xiao Fang Hacks

Like most ozbargainers, I've got myself a xiaomi xiao fang camera on one of the recent sales. Im using the camera as a baby monitor , so its not continuously on. I plug it in when i need it an …

Engine temperature (Gauge) fluctuating ... normal ??

Hi All I've got a mazda3 (about 2005-6 model) which I recently put in for a oil change etc. When it came back .. i noticed the temperature gauge on the dash sometimes fluctuates from quarter …

KFC Australia

Any KFC Vouchers out there?

Wondering if there are any KFC vouchers ? I've done a search on ozb and nothing posted recently … :S … and the KFC Xpress app doesn't work on my windows phone :(

Step Down transformer for US Kitchen appliance

Hi folks I recently purchased a kitchen blender from the states ( because its substantially cheaper there than here . I've got a step …

smappee - energy consumption monitor

wondering if anyone has seen or used this ? Looks interesting - and i have heard people who have installed some sort of energy (electricity) monitoring although …

Replacing Halogens with LED - Do I need to change transformer?

Hi Ozbargainers Im looking to swap out my down lights which are currently halogens. They are the MR16 ones (ie pins). I've tried to get some advice but confused depending on who I ask. I went …

Strike Bowling - Free Game of Bowling for Dad

expired Strike Bowling - Free Game of Bowling for Dad

Organic garden mix vs compost?

Hi ozb'ers I've got some pretty bad , clay soil in my garden bed that I need to amend. To do this, I want to add some good quality compost - originally thinking of purchasing lots of bags …


Petrol tracker

Hi folks Heres a website that tracks petrol prices… I think these are the guys who used to graph the prices fir the accc All states

Everyday Rewards

Maximising EDR offers

hi ozbargainers … Of recent times there have been some awesome targetted EDR offers sent out . Im wondering if people know ways to maximise the offers you receive (eg. receiving $10 off, …

Wireless DVR Security camera

Saw this on Ourdeal and keen on getting one, does anyone have any reviews on this or have used it? Unfortunately it doesnt provide much detail, eg. model number etc so I can research more …


Cellarmasters - $50 wine voucher

$50 Wine voucher for any purchase $120 or more in one transaction by 31 December 2012.

Unreserved RailCorp Lost Property Auction - Saturday 10th September 2011 Saturday 10/09/2011, 10:00am 5-11 Governor Macquarie Drive, Chipping Norton NSW 2170 Lost Property, Railway Heritage, Sporting …

Free ESV Bible (for Students)

Yes, you can get lots of free bibles online. But in case those who specifically want an electronic version of the English Standard Version (ESV) …

Cheap Petrol Days

...Does anyone know when cheap petrol day is in Sydney ? Used to be Tuesday .. then wednesday, now im not sure (thursdays or fridays perhaps?????)