OzBargain 2016 Members' Monthly Awards

This post is for announcing our monthly awards going to those who have made significant contributions on OzBargain. See similar announcements from previous years: 2014 & 2015. We'll be awarding 4-5 users each month for the prize of $100 in either gift cards or PayPal credit.

This post will be updated every month to list out the prize winners.


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  • January 2016

    These are our monthly award winners for the first month of 2016.

    • avitherock for posting the deal of the month, Dick Smith Gift Card swap at Coles.

    • Katie2014 for posting the most popular competition in January (not posted by a staff), Win Flights to LA or Buenos Aires. Any winner? Katie has also posted 118 competitions with average +6.7 votes.

    • lyl for posting the most deals last month. 101 deals with average +39.6 votes.

    • tightarse for making the most front page deals. 61 out of 65 deals he has posted got voted onto the OzBargain front page, with average +98.63 votes, which means you'll usually spot 2 of TA's deal there at any given time.


  • Often visit ozbargain for funny comments but this is serious stuff - Congratulationa all and thank you scotty.

  • Congrats everyone and thanks to Scotty and the mods and everyone who posts deals, comments etc :)

  • February 2016

    February winners for our monthly award are:

    • victorwilson for posting the most popular deal of the month, Free 2GB for Google Drive. +1111 votes for measly 2GB of cloud storage but hey, it's free.

    • Spackbace for posting the most popular competition of the month, Win a Mazda 3 SP25 Astina. +67 votes with almost 200 entries — did someone from OzBargain score a new car?

    • lyl for posting the most number of deals (again), with 78 deals & +50.7 vote average.

    • Unbranded for posting the most popular comment last month, revealing the secret of winning cereal box competitions. Now look out for the ozbargainers in Coles & Woolies — they would be the one carrying multiple cereal boxes weighting them up at the fruit & veggie section.


    • Thanks Scotty and the mod team and congrats everyone :)

      lyl you're killing it!

      And hey, I just love looking at this page and seeing all the winners of the comps I've shared :)

      For those that haven't had a look at the comp section lately, go look :)

      • +1 vote

        Thanks spack, no one is killing comps harder than you mate.

        Congrats all :)

    • Well done team! Congrats to you all :)

  • March 2016

    Those are the winners from last month. Sorry for the late announcement as it has been pretty hectic after the April Fools :)

    • easternculture for posting the deal of the month, 20% off Tech Deals on eBay (which might actually go to lzefyre who posted the same code 3 minutes earlier). A bit of drama with eBay on that one on the launch day where the code did not work at PayPal. However it turned out to be quite a good deal from many different merchants.

    • Katie2014 for posting the competition of the month, Win GeForce GTX980 from Mwave. Katie has also posted the most number of competitions in March (98, with vote average +5.2).

    • OzDJ_ for posting this deal that might be cheapest in the world, Waterford "London" Desktop Bar $9995 from David Jones. It's definitely not your typical Eneloop or Xiaomi bargains here however it turns out to be the 3rd most popular and 2nd most clicked deals last month. Stacked with various gift card hacks I hope those desktop bars found some good home to go to.

    • JoFord63 for posting consistent and very detail deals on Health & Beauty products (some recent examples), and even a nice come back at jv's comment.


  • April 2016

    Here are the winners from last month:

    • RohBoat for the deal of the month, Free USB Host (OTG) Cable for Samsung Device Owners. It's meant to be for Samsung phone owners only (although didn't stop many others from trying), and we are not sure how many orders would Samsung honour as it got ozbargained after 2 days. We'll see.

    • Spackbace for the competition of the month, Win a New Suzuki Vitara Turbo. Spackbace also managed to beat jv for posting the most comments last month (827, +1.37 vote average). It's 2nd win from Spackbace this year and last time he won the comp of the month by posting a Mazda 3 comp. I must have entered a dozen or so "win a car" competitions already and so far nothing. Good luck to all who have entered :)

    • monty.melb for being the deals generator last month. He has been posting some pretty random deals. Besides posting 7 deals on behalf of EverBuying.net in April, Monty has also posted 146 other deals with +24.91 vote average. 46 of them got onto the front page. 153 deals in a month also broke his own deal-posting record (comparing to 36 in March, nil in December-February).

    • boratsagdiyev for posting the Target Game Clearance deal with +437 votes and almost 50,000 clicks to view the PDF. For store employee who wishes to post similar deals but does not wish to reveal his/her account, feel free send the deal to deals at ozbargain.com.au. Please see Anonymous Deal Submission thread for discussions.


  • Thanks Scotty and Ozbargain! I didn't even realise there were prizes, what a great surprise.
    Congrats to the other winners too!

  • May 2016

    The members award winners last month:

    • tightarse for the number 1 deal last month, eBay 20% off Click & Collect. eBay percentage-off deals have always been big and current 20% off selected retailers might be the favourite this month as well. TA has also managed to pushed 31 deals to OzBargain front-page last month with +141 vote average.

    • Spackbace for posting the 2nd most popular competition last month, Win Samsung Home Theatre Packages from Dimetapp (1st being Win a Mazda 3 SP25 posted by Hamza). Spackbace has also posted 35 competitions with +6.7 vote average. It's actually the 3rd most popular-comp win for Spackbace this year (the other 2 went to Katie2014). Sounds like we need more competition here to win this award? :)

    • lyl for making the most deals on the front page — 43 with +72.7 vote average, 8 from Amazon, 4 from Amazon Kindle books, 4 from Amazon UK, 3 from Amazon Germany, 2 from Amazon France…

    • mskeggs for posting the most voted comment last month explaining negative gearing. Yes a most voted comment that's actually informative!

    Congratulations to all!

    • +5 votes

      Congrats all and thanks once again Scotty, Amazon ftw! The amount of bored schooldays I've spent browsing it and camelx3 XD

      • +1 vote

        Lol shouldn't you be studying :p

        Or are for a genius

    • Thanks Scotty and the rest of the mod team :) and congrats to the other winners, well deserved!

  • June 2016

    While the winner of Australia's next prime minister race is still not decided, these are the winners of OzBargain monthly awards for June 2016.


  • +4 votes

    Logged on from Japan to see I'd scored a ranking. Thank you for the acknowledgment.

  • Thanks heaps for the award, it means a lot :)

    I would like to donate my prize to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. They do some amazing work and breast cancer has unfortunately affected my family a few times.

    Kudos to the other members, it was a great month of deals!

  • July 2016

    Winners from last month:

    • kurupted for the most popular deal last month, 20% off Tech at selected eBay store. eBay percentage-off deals have been winning the most popular award in March, May and June so far this year so for anything who wants to give a try in scoring a gold badge (+$100 award) — look out for special banners and/or landing pages on eBay just in case deals get leaked :)

    • lyl for posting the most deals (56) and having most of them on the front page (47 with +97 vote average). 4 deals out of the top 10 last month were posted by lyl (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th).

    • Spackbace for the most popular competition last month, Win a Skoda Sedan. Spackbace has posted 44 deals & 30 competitions last month, and this Samsung Home Theatre pack was the most clicked competition. Not to mention he has also beaten jv and Diji1 to become the most commented user in July (668 comments). However, has anyone actually won a car from all those comps posted by Spackbace?

    • abhi4u05 for posting a competition that's even more popular than Spackbace's at this point in time. Scratch and Win from The Good Guys actually gets more votes when you add the ones from August. Moreover it's probably a more rewarding competition as well, as 31 users have claimed to win TGG store credit so far. Congratulations also to all the other competition winners!

    That's all for July.

    • Thanks again Scotty and congrats to the other winners, in particular abhi for a good and rewarding comp :)

      And to answer your question Scotty I'm sure someone somewhere has won, just not 1 of us (yet!)

    • Thanks Scott. It's bit of surprise for me. I am so happy πŸ˜„

  • Congratulations to all winners for July :)

    abhi4u05 Thanks for sharing the Good Guys comp. Good to sees many winners!

  • +11 votes

    August 2016

    Winners from last month are:

    • TRENT86 for posting the most popular deal of the month — Free 2x $25 voucher from The Good Guys! Yes, it's not an eBay deal this month (although eBay did take out the 2nd, 3rd and 6th place). TRENT86 has also posted 54 deals in August with +56.4 average votes, and 33 of them got onto the front page.

    • I would just like to award another non-eBay deal so at 4th place last month, forumninja and AmEx Shop Small September (which is coming up in 10 days). Check out all the currently running American Express deals here.

    • Spackbace for posting the most popular competition of the month — Win 1 of 4x $10,000 EFTPOS Cards. Unfortunately no one on OzBargain lucky enough to score that (or at least reported it). There was a reported big win though — also congratulations to Cristobel for the win to Dubai. Spackbace also posted the most deal in August — 71 with +33 vote average, and just 1 comment short from posting the most comments (which went to you-know-who).

    • stuhtb for being the most active new OzBargainer. Account signed up on 15 August and has already posted 25 deals in August with vote average +15.5.


    • Thanks scotty and the mods :)

      Congrats to all the other winners!

      just 1 comment short from posting the most comments


    • Well done TRENT86, Spackbace, stuhtb, and forumninja. All very well deserved. And a shout out to the mods, for their unheralded work :)

    • Thanks scotty, mods and every OzBargainer for doing their civic duty by voting!

  • Congratulations everyone including mods for all their efforts!

  • +3 votes

    Thank you scotty and all the mods! Really appreciate the support and help from my very first post :) Congrats to all the members for the great posts!

  • Random comment, thanks to 28Degrees, don't + them enough but enjoy reading all of your watch posts & deals.

  • Awesome job everyone. Thanks for hunting down those bargains for the rest of us :)

  • September 2016

    Sorry about the late announcement. Winners from last month are:


    • Shit that's unexpected, thanks Scotty :)

      Congrats to the other winners :)

    • WOW. Thanks Scotty. Hope everyone won heaps of prizes as part of the comp.

      Also missing Kate's competitions, such a great range. Hope they come back and post soon.

  • +12 votes

    October 2016

    Winners from October are:


  • Congratulations to all the winners this month :)

    Well done posting all those comps too gnv9, great work!

    • Thank you Katie :) Your contribution to comps over the last year or two has been immense and I (amongst many others) am appreciative of the effort and delighted to see you back.

  • Thanks Scotty

  • November 2016

    November has definitely been the busiest month so far this year with double the average number of deals posted during the OzBargain10 / Black Friday week. Hopefully neil will compile and post up some statistics later this month, but first of all here are the member award winners:


    • Wow thanks scotty, that was definitely unexpected! 2 deals short of my 1000th but nfi what to line up for it lol (edit: shit, next one is my 1000th lol)

      Congrats to the other winners :)

    • Thank you Scotty :)

      Outstanding posts from sfc10 and shiznit. Spackbace - massive contribution (as always). Congrats!

    • Congratulations to all winners, well done! :)

      Looking forward to seeing the stats, as there were lots of great deals and comps (and comments!) posted last month (also noticed that the comps posted hit 10,000 last month too)

  • +10 votes

    December 2016

    Happy new year everyone! (Here's this year's Happy New Year thread for those who wish to post up their greeting messages). It's also the last members award post for 2016. These are the winners for December last year:


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