OzBargain 2015 Members' Monthly Awards

This post is for announcing our monthly awards going to those who have made the most contributions on OzBargain. See last year's post. We'll be awarding 3-4 users each month for the prize of $100 in either gift cards or PayPal credit.

This post will be updated every month to list out the prize winners.


  • tightarse
  • damoo


  • ozhunter
  • Spackbace
  • tightarse
  • TRENT86


  • BTB
  • tightarse
  • happychild100


  • mitim6
  • nmat
  • tightarse
  • TRENT86


  • snoo
  • TRENT86
  • tightarse
  • nmat
  • tonester


  • tightarse
  • TRENT86
  • Spackbace
  • grababargain


  • fergo747
  • tightarse
  • nmat
  • Kewok


  • RyanMK
  • grababargain
  • nmat
  • tightarse
  • msmhw


  • drb
  • TRENT86
  • tightarse
  • cmdwedge


  • mikec
  • tightarse
  • Spackbace


  • pandaaram
  • miwtown
  • bluedufflecoat
  • TRENT86
  • Katie2014


  • mrbillions
  • Spackbace
  • TRENT86
  • Katie2014
  • Jimmy007

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    • It's a forum post, not a deal.
      Awards are for January, not February.

      Good to see Ozbargain is taking care in handing out January awards. Look what a mess someone else has found himself in.

  • +13

    January 2015

    January and February are usually the quiet months of the year where people (and the retailers) recover from Christmas/Boxing Day shopping crazies. People are also taking holidays and we have seen a noticeable drop in terms of deals posted and the amount of interactions. Even jv has just posted less than 1/2 of his monthly average number of comments.

    Nevertheless we are starting a new thread announcing this year's winners. For January we have:


    • +6

      Thank you scotty. And well done JSQUARED, damoo, and everyone else that contributes to make this site as good as it is, including all mods & power users :)

    • +3

      Congratulations to the winners!

    • Congrats jsquared, nearly got ya!, but I'm sure once the winners start coming in on yours so will the plus votes :)

      And congrats all the winners :)

  • +2

    Thanks scotty, the integrity that you (and everyone else involved) display is what makes it an invaluable site.

    The deals are great- but the advice and feedback from the community you've cultivated is the real money saver!

  • +4

    Congrats guys!
    Big props also to Spackbace again for posting the Coca Cola competition :)

  • +4

    Congrats All :)

  • Awesome work you guys! Have a great new year everyone.

  • +7

    February 2015

    Shortest month of the year but yet another great month of bargains, freebies and great competitions. The winner of February's award with the most popular deal goes to…

    • ozhunter with his Free 2GB for Google Drive. Not too sure how 2GB bonus beats all the other 100GB OneDrive storage freebies, especially when most still haven't yet received their extra 2 gigs on Google Drive. However with almost +500 votes and 11k+ clicks there must be a lot of happy Google users.

    • Spackbace for posting the most popular competition, Win Overseas holidays from Medibank Private. Arghhh I need an overseas holidays although with 100+ entries from OzBargain my chance of winning is pretty slim.

    • tightarse for his general awesomeness. In February he posted 57 deals, 53 of them got onto front page with +106 votes average, most popular being Microsoft OneNote for PC/Mac becoming free.

    • TRENT86 for being super-active. Posted 104 deals, 46 of them on the front page with +53 vote average, most popular being Motorola Moto G from TGG. Really appreciate all those catalogue posts from Harvey Norman, DickSmith, The Good Guys and other big retailers.

    Congratulations and keep the deals coming!

    • +4

      Another great month where I had to "HUNT ZERO(1) to find "GREAT SHIT"(2) bargains. I
      never had to "BACK SPACE"(3) once, and all the deals I "RATED TEN"(4).

      1 Anagram of ozhunter
      2 Anagram of tightarse
      3 Anagram of Spackbace
      4 With some 'aide', anagram of TRENT86 (Had to drop the 86 - Sorry about that Max)

  • +3

    Awesome work everyone. Congratulations!

    • +3

      Good job m8 in Feb. Congrats to others :)

      • +1

        Congrats to you both and all winners :)

        Let's hope there's some winners on that comp!

  • If there was an award for making (not receiving) the most +ve votes on comments I wonder who would win?

  • +9

    March 2015

    Now April Fools Day is out of the way, for March we have…

    Congratulations to all! Other interesting stats from last month:

    • +2

      Oh wow, thanks! :)
      Congrats to the other 2 winners as well!
      Had 2 people win the Weekly price for week 1 and 2, well done to PillowDefender and Westside :)

      • +1

        Thank you for posting the contest happychild100!! :)

    • +1

      Congrats, ashame Trent86 didn't take it home with the amount of quality posts. But great work everyone. Here comes April.

  • +2

    Well done again everyone, including the mods for all their hard work. And a special mention to imissbeans where at least 6 of my posts were direct contributions from her. She's due to give birth any day soon, and we all wish her and bubs the very best.

    • +3

      Nice work everyone, I couldnt live without you guys and Ozb. Congrats TA, thanks for the posts but I'm certain that's way to much credit for me! Thanks for the baby wishes :) Any day now, we have an OzB baby on the way haha

      • +2

        We should call he/she Ozzy :P

        • Haha, thanks Spackbace!! We actually need some baby name help!

        • +1


          I've named 3, and it has never been easy!

  • Great stuff BTB, TA & HC100 (and to everyone else that contributed). Some real quality freebies too so far this year. Thanks guys!

  • Well done guys, FEB Was a pretty good month for deals :)

  • +6

    April 2015

    It's time for our monthly awards for those hard working OzBargainers who toil & labour to find the best bargains in Australia in April.


    April has definitely been the "month of Delivery Hero". For the top 10 deals that are fastest to reach +100 votes, 8 of them are from those late-afternoon Delivery Hero coupon codes. Somehow this deal took the crown that got onto +100 votes in 35.78 minutes.

  • +2

    Thank you scotty and team. Well done to everyone.

  • Well done everyone. Another great month for us bargain hunters!

  • +9

    May 2015

    We are giving out a few more prizes for May, and the winners are:

    • snoo for the most popular deal last month, DickSmith sale list. It basically scraped DickSmith's website and compared the price difference between 2 dates. We used to have sites such as MildSurprise, PriceSlice and AnyPrice doing this kind of thing but somehow all of them disappeared.

    • TRENT86 for posting most deals. In May he posted 83 deals averaging +38 votes, 36 of them got onto the front page and the most popular being Free Daft Punk Album from Google Play.

    • tightarse for the most popular competition last month, Win cash prize from PayPal. We have recorded 26 wins so far unfortunately 0 out of 3 for me. Other TA records last month: 67 out of 69 deals he posted got onto front page, averaging +101 votes. This Delivery Hero deal also raced to the front page in the shortest time (4.87 minutes).

    • nmat for posting most competitions. In May nmat posted 42 competitions average +7.2 votes, most popular being Win a Renault Captur from SBS.

    • tonester for posting the most popular freebie, Two-Year Regus Businessworld Gold Membership that was also the 2nd most popular deal in May.


  • +2

    Well done again everyone. Full credit for the 'Most Popular Comp of the Month' goes to imissbeans for making me aware of it, and asking me to post it on her behalf. Here's to another great month on OzB :)

  • Good job to the winners this month and also to the other members that also contributed excellent deals. I must make it a habit to visit the Comps page every now and then :)

  • Well deserved everyone.

  • +7

    June 2015

    Sorry about the late announcement. Took the family on holidays (drove up to the Gold Coast & Tamborine Mountain and back) and just got back. Here are the winners from last month:

    • tightarse — for posting the second most popular deal last month, SanDisk 8GB MicroSD $8.95 from PC Byte. TA ended up being almost like an ambassador for PC Byte, posted the last 5 deals and all of them were pretty popular. TA had also posted 64 other deals last month averaging +125 votes.

    Note that the most popular deal last month was actually eBay 20% off Selected Retailers — well deserved and caused OzBargain's front page to be populated by eBay deals on those days. However OP of the deal subsequently tried to remove his/her post and then disabled the account.


    • +2

      Congratulations to everyone. And thanks again to the mods for all the great work behind the scenes :)

    • +2

      Congrats everyone :)

      And Scotty never apologise for taking a holiday!

    • +1

      Congrats everyone and thank you so much for everything you do for this community! I love this place!

    • "However OP of the deal subsequently tried to remove his/her post and then disabled the account."
      I wonder why they did this? one post and then not a member anymore - were they Ebay themselves?

  • I was going to comment earlier, but had 10,000 distractions to deal with!
    Good job everyone! Congrats to this month's top posters and all the other contributors.

  • +7

    July 2015

    It has been a month of arse and culture with some of our users started negotiating directly with the merchants to get them to offer something exclusive to our community. See this forum topic for more discussions. For now, these are the winners for July 2015:

    • fergo747 — it was his very first deal shared on OzBargain (despite joined almost 3 years ago), and it was a winner! $24.50 Chromecast from Officeworks as well as their eBay store. Who else hasn't got one?! It was also the fastest deal reaching +100 votes so far — took 16 minutes and 2 seconds.

    • tightarse — yes our regular here has done it again, and this time he posted the most number of deals in July (65), with vote average of +134. Well done!

    • nmat — for posting the most popular competition last month, win a ŠKODA Octavia from SBS. 139 people have entered and interestingly even more than winning $40k from Honda (only 120 entered). S.Butler of 3216 won it — an OzBargainer?

    • JSQUARED — JSQUARED still the "TA of comps" on OzBargain, posting 69 competitions last month. Besides the $40k from Honda, also check out some instant wins from Foxtel and McDonald's.

    • Kewok — for posting the most popular freebie, 6 months free Presto. Not sure anyone would pay for Presto (SD content only & crappy app), but for free for 6 months? Why not.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    • Well done everyone and thank you scotty :)

  • Congrats everyone and well done Kewok.

  • +10

    August 2015

    Here are the winners this month:

    Yes, if you have spotted an act of kindness from fellow OzBargainers that deserve to win an award, leave them in the comments or PM/TWAM a moderator to let us know.

    Congratulations everyone!

    • +7

      Wow, didn't expect that. Thanks to everyone, it will help me with my rent as I am little bit short. Now I can say I believe in karma ;)

      • Nice work..congrats.

  • +1

    Great work and congrats to the winners and everyone else who posted last month. Well done!

  • Special mention to Trent86 who posted 55 deals last month. A fantastic feat, all original deals which he found himself :)

  • +5

    September 2015

    Here are the winners:


    • +1

      Just read the thread by cmdwedge. Well done. Hope things are better in the future for all of the workers there.

  • Great work everybody. Yet another awesome month of bargains for all!

  • +8

    October 2015

    Winners from last month:

    • mikec for posting the deal of the month, eBay Click & Collect at Woolworths/Big W. eBay deals again won the top spot last month. In fact 3 of the top 10 deals from October were eBay offers (25% off Target coming 5th and 20% off The Good Guys 10th). November is going to be one big month for eBay — looking forward to more deals.

    • JSQUARED for posting the competition of the month, Win $250 AirBNB vouchers from Westpac. It's the top competition that was not posted by an OzBargain staff (1st being hamza23's Win a Mazda CX-5). However it might be JSQUARED's last comp award, as of this month he is starting his part-time employment with OzBargain continuing his work on moderation & other future projects. Congratulations!

    • tightarse for being generally awesome again last month. 85 deals, average +110 votes, 80 of them got onto the front page, most popular being Cashrewards' eBay 4% cashback negotiated deal that got onto the front page in 6 minutes 51 seconds and also secured him a job at Cashrewards. Congratulations!

    • Spackbace for posting the most competitions in October — 68, and most popular was Win $5000 Cash from Black Swan Dips. He also came 4th in number of deals posted (44) and came equal 1st in number of comments posted (518). We all know who tied with him in that department, who has much lower vote average. Moreover, he had also received a nomination for "Member of the Month for October". Got this PM from another member here:

    He is real active member of the community and is always fast at responding to comments on his deals, competitions and forum posts… The amount of time and effort he goes into on a monthly basis is astounding and his continued generosity, positiveness he brings to this community is inspiring.

    He is one of the reasons I check this site countless times a day!

    Congratulations to all the winners! If you would like to nominate another member, please either PM me or put it in the comments below.

  • Thanks everyone for your time to post these great deals for the rest of us :)

  • +10

    November 2015

    Our most busy month so far. These are the winners:

    That's it for November. On the last week of December we'll also reveal our annual members' awards (see 2013 and 2014). Stay tuned.

    • +4

      That AIRism comp was great. Mine's now in the wash. I know another OzBer who 'won' and is thoroughly enjoying their t-shirt (being ever so grateful for a cool material for once).

      Thanks bluedufflecoat :)

      and congrats all.

      • +2

        Thanks and you're welcome, Ms Turnip.

        Winning an OzB members award is awesome! :)

    • +4

      Congrats all, nice to see a new bunch of names up there :) Good choices scotty!

    • +1

      Congrats to all, esp trent. I was actually thinking a few days ago that he often seems to go by unnoticed but he is consistently posting quality bargains.

      He actually makes deals such the ebay20% and even some of those dodgy dse deals worthwhile by spending the time to find "good deals."

      Well done all!

      • Totally agree, subtle-nonsleeping person.

  • +4

    Congrats everyone! Well deserved.

  • +8

    December 2015

    Belated Happy New Year! This is the last monthly award for 2015 — what a year it was. 28,587 deals, 9,762 forum topics, 3,407 competitions and 860,555 comments published. December has also been our busiest month, and 26th the Boxing Day being the busiest day of the year — 391k sessions & 1.57 million page views not counting those who have blocked Google Analytics.

    Anyway. Here are the winners for last month:

    • mrbillions for posting the most popular deal of the month, eBay's 15% off Site Wide which was unfortunately cut short by 30 hours. The Billions man is certainly no stranger to posting eBay offers prior to official release, and had made a few "deal of the month" in the past years (#1, #2, #3). Keep them coming!

    • Spackbace for posting the most popular competition of the month, Daily Instant Prizes from Maccas. I have unfortunately refused to eat at McDonald's any more (after their copyright legal issues with OzBargain last year) so more chances for you guys :)

    • TRENT86 for being a deal posting machine in December. Actually TRENT has been posting a lot of deals last year, and he posted 105 deals in December with vote average +51.93. I believe all OzBargainers should really be appreciating the effort from some of our top-posters who contributed many great deals here — TRENT86, tightarse, etc just to name a few.

    • Katie2014 for posting 147 competitions with average +5 votes, being the comp queen of the month. Competitions have been a relatively new feature on OzBargain for ~20 months now and have also attracted some die hard following. Looking forward to more big wins from OzBargainers this year!

    • Jimmy007 for being an outstanding new user this year. The upcoming rookie has just left his P-plate last week, and has already posted 124 deals including 81 in December, 20 of them landed on the front page. Congratulations!

    That's it for December. I'll start a new post for monthly awards for 2016.

    On a related note, some of you might have noticed that something was missing last month. Yup, I didn't announce the OzBargain annual awards which I did in 2013 and 2014. Part of the problem I found was — it's just the same group of people who have already received the monthly awards. TA, TRENT, etc. Not to mention jv would win the prize for posting most comments again. A little bit pointless to announce the same things at the end of the year. Well I am still debating myself about it and will discuss with the moderators on Monday.

    Meanwhile in 2016 we'll probably do more variety of monthly awards to ensure different users get mentioned & awarded.

    • Thanks again Scotty (and of course the mod team), crazy to see the winners from that comp but it pays out most days! Handy app to have and if there is non-food prizes ;)

      Congrats to everyone else! Katie you've been a comp queen lol

      • Yes, thanks for posting the Maccas comp Spackbace.
        Great comp with so many prizes/winners!

    • Competitions have been a relatively new feature on OzBargain for ~20 months now and have also attracted some die hard following. Looking forward to more big wins from OzBargainers this year!

      Thanks Scott and all of the mods :) and thanks for adding the competition section. I used to visit OzBargain for bargains and a different site for competitions, but love that I can now come here for both!

      Congratulations to all of last month's winners and thank you to every one who contributed :)

    • I think I've said this before but Trent seems to do a great job finding good deals among various dse, eBay promotions.

      Congrats to him and other worthy winners.

      If you scrap the yearly awards does that mean jv won't get paid for his hard work? <jk>

    • Congrats winners, great contributions to the community! :D

      Part of the problem I found was — it's just the same group of people who have already received the monthly awards. TA, TRENT, etc. Not to mention jv would win the prize for posting most comments again. A little bit pointless to announce the same things at the end of the year. Well I am still debating myself about it and will discuss with the moderators on Monday.

      There should be an award for, Most Sexual Innuendos in 2015.

      My 2c…

      • +1

        What's the point in that?

        It might be hard to work it out, but if we all come together I'm sure we can work something out.

        • You have the hole of 2016 ahead of you. Getting one in early?

        • @Scrooge McDuck:

          Thought I'd fire 1 off.

          K, time to pull out

    • +1

      scotty will you be doing stats for december/the year. Please do both if you have time


      • Monthly will be out in a couple of days. Yearly will take a bit longer, later this month.

        • awesome. thanks!

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